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Buying a berlingo
Hi everyone
I’ve just joined up as I’m thinking of buying a berlingo
Could someone please tell me common faults and problems to be aware of and things to check when viewing and test driving.
Are some engines better than others are there any engines that are best avoided?

I’ve got my eye on a 2009 multispace vt hdi
Is this a low spec model?
There will be others that can tell you about things to look out for.
One thing to remember when you come to a founm like this don't be put off by the woes. Fot every failure here there must be thousands on the road rolling along.

I bought a new car in 2013 (not a Berlingo) and joined that forum. There were queues of post about things going wrong on my particular model.
Had mine for seven years and it never let me down once!
I now have a 2013 berlingo now and it is a great car, have already bought the camper conversion as well.
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Interesting. I am ready to take the plunge and by a Berlingo, and am currently trying to decide the best spec / model to go for! I'm also planning to do a campervan conversion. When you say that you've bought the camper conversion as well, what do you mean, please? A kit? Booked it in with someone to do the conversion for you? Very interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

I'm not a mechanic but now had 3 Berlingo's, all second hand and all have been superb.

I have always gone for the diesel engine, as I've always understood french diesels to be very reliable. They have never given me a moment of trouble. I've never heard of anything to watch out for that would be different to buying any other 2nd hand car.

MOT's come and go with usual issues like tyres, bushes on suspension arms, brakes etc. but nothing other than wear and tear.

As for spec, it's down to personal preference, but I have noticed there are alot of models out there without Aircon, something I wouldn't be without nowadays. We've had xtr's and e-hdi airdreams and very happy with the specs.

I love them because they are very practical but also a comfy if a little less "refined" than non van based cars. But that's a trade off I'm willing to take. If I had to be picky they are noisier on the road and handling can be a bit woolly if you are used to a lower car such as golf etc. But if you're getting a Berlingo it isn't for the speed around corners!

All in all we love ours. We camp, tow, use it for boating and everything in between and they have never given me a moment of trouble. Our next step is to buy a removable conversion kit to use as a camper.

Hope my thoughts help a little, even if not terribly technical ha ha.

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Hi all, and welcome to the forum if it is your first time! (I see it is for most on this thread)

The Berlingo is in my opinion a great vehicle, and the 1.6 HDi is a great little engine. It has to be said that usually with good preventive maintenance, comes good reliability when it comes to anything in life. This means regular oil and filter changes along with the fuel filters on the diesel models. Always use or insist on fully synthetic low-ash/saps oil for models with a DPF.

Parts are cheap, and pretty easy to obtain when needed. I've had 3 Berlingo vans, and been a member of the forum for 10 years. In that time, I've never really seen or heard any horror stories, and very few serious problems that couldn't happen to another brand, and usually involved vehicles of old age, with moon mileage and on the 10th owner. To me, that's a car combination that has breakdown built in, no matter what brand you buy - and even then the hardy Berlingo often doesn't let go. The French are VERY good at vans, and diesel engines.

All B9 Berlingo's (08-18) are vans or van-based cars (and great vans Wink - my current one is a B9) which were purpose built but share the platform with the Pug 3008 and the C4 Grand Picasso, and the ones before that (M49 & M59) were cars first then vans which were based on the Xsara / Pug 306. Read the Berlingo Wiki page online for exact specs and model years - there is some overlap with the older shape M59 and the B9 as they were produced together for a while - the later version of the M59 being called the "First"....which confusingly, it wasn't.

Time cannot be beaten, age will always catch up with you and mileage matters, no matter what anyone says, or what car brand you end up buying.

I spent £5k buying a 2012 van with 60k miles on it, with aircon, radar park assist, factory Bluetooth hands free with Google voice dialling, and a year later I've only had to spend £7 on it for a new windscreen washer pump. It's a lovely thing to drive, so comfy, 45mpg - yet I got a king size divan bed in the back when I had to take it to the tip the other week (I'd bought a new one) and it went in without a hitch. Try that in a BMW 3 series....

So my own best advice is, look for the one with the features you want, at the price you can afford, with the least mileage and of the newest age available in that price range. Then look after it.

Hope this helps!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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Just to add to this post by Zion, a good service record is essential.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Those are some helpful comments. Many thanks. Totally agree about low mileage, genuine history etc. I'm tempted to push the boat out a bit and get a 2018-19 model with fairly low mileage as I hang on to past vehicles for a long time judging by past experience. I've been seriously impressed with some of the mini conversions on YouTube, and am fairly handy with wood so will probably give it a go. I love the fact that with a bit of careful flexi-design, it can be my day driver, carry the bikes when I go out mountain biking, and can be a weekend camper for metal detecting rallies or longer Scotland trips camper as well.

It's all about getting the right spec now, that and and tracking down that genuine bargain in the Midlands area! Absolute max is £13K plus my car (maybe £2K - £3K) so should be spoilt for choice. So, back to Autotrader .....
I've had 2 Berlingos (and various other Citroens). It's a great little car, runs well, comfortable on long journeys - I'm 6'0" and the headroom and space is excellent.
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
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I will briefly echo others' advice re miles, history etc; but also research dealers too. In fact, if you have the luxury of time, consider finding an independent dealer with a great reputation and ask them to source one with the spec you want. If you are not in an immediate rush, they may well do good by you.

Meanwhile, or before that, go and view and test-drive any for sale nearish you even if they are not exactly what you want; that will give you a first-hand feel for what to look out for in terms of handling and performance which you can't get any other way. My bro and I viewed two cars recently to replace his; both were the same model, same spec, same age, and similar miles and price; but the test drives made one stand out miles above the other. And it was cheaper than the other one!

Viewings will also give you a feel for the interior space, knobs and buttons, and spec variants; and also take along a family member to see how they get on with it. Sure it'll just be an adventure for them and not very useful for you first time round, but on the 2nd or 3rd viewing they will soon be making comparative observations as well. Make a day out of planning a route to see 3 or 4 in the same day together, with a picnic. You could even begin to sketch out ideas for camper-conversions.

BTW on that point there are some conversion co's who work with Berlingos; check out their offerings to see how they've solved the various spatial issues involved. And keep an eye on this forum's camper section.

I'd also recommend getting an independent examination done before committing to buy. I've used this site in the past with good results:
There are others of course, incl. RAC, AA etc.

There is detailed info on models and specs here:
Take time clicking through the various links.

Previous generation (2008-18):

Another possible idea might be to download owners' manuals and have a good read-up.

There are lots about for the B9 but I can't find any more recent than 2017: (scroll down)
Maybe someone on the forum would be willing to scan theirs for you?

Maybe I'll get shot for saying this, but the 2018 Berlingo is more or less the same as the Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo, so you might want to check out their variants as well.;_2018)

Lastly, as others say, every barrel of apples does have the odd bad one in it and Berlingos are no worse than many others. But investing in a car which is supported by such a good forum as this can only add some peace of mind, should you need help or advice as the miles add up. Granted, not many of us have 2018+ models but that will change over time. We'll all look forward to your posts on your new car!
Current: 2003 1.4i MS MPV - Lucifer Red
Prev: 2003 1.6 MS Desire - Bile Blue
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We are on our third Berlingo car since 2000 and we also have a Berlingo based Romahome that we bought new 13 years ago, we have had very few problems probably less than with other cars but ours are serviced and a shoorter interval than Citroen say.

The one thing I will say is if you buy a 1.6 HDi make sure that the correct oil is used for that engine, it is expensive but will avoid big bills later on. When you go to buy make sure the seller shows you how to get the spare wheel out (the mech rusts up but can be fixed, it will give you the opportunity to check the condition of the wheel and tyre).

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