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cruise control again
No it should work. It does have to be enabled in both sections but maybe you don't have the clutch switch... without that it can't be enabled.

The part number for the correct cruise stalk is 96538213XT (non limiter version) - usually about £30 used and not seen one for much less.

They could have pulled a Chinese one from a breaker that didn't work in the first place I guess.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
I think that Cruise Control is disabled on some ECU's & that it has to do with the vehicle having CC as a factory option, some did not. I had the same, or very similar experience on my 2011 PUG Expert.
It was possible at one time to check this via the parts reference on the Citroen web site, if you check parts by VIN, some show the CC stalk greyed out. Unfortunately, checking on Citroen is now not free & checking via Catcar does not apply the same filters.
I got round it on the PUG by running PP2000 which did not care about the factory options or Diagbox & simply enabled CC on the ECU without me even asking, when I went back into Diagbox, it was magically enabled.
One way to see if Diagbox will allow CC is to try via the "Customer Options" screen (sorry I can't remember exactly what the screen is called, on my PUG, it said that CC was not possible which started me on the PP2000 journey.
You may get a similar experience by running Lexia, but I have no idea if that'll work, or if it's even advisable.
That's interesting mate, I wonder how compatible PP2000 is with the Citroen, and vice-versa, as  DiagBox is not for Peugeot - you are meant to only use PP2000 for those and DiagBox for Citroen.

There may not be huge differences operationally but the software may recognise whether it's a Citroen or a Pug. That might cause it not to enable certain functions anyway.

I am in the process of buying a remapped ECU from HDi Tuning and Steve (the owner) advises he would be sending me a Pug ECU as that's the one he had in stock that matches my EDC17C10 exactly as per the original numbers printed on my Citroen B9 one. He said the VIN will show as the one from the donor vehicle with the same options - he asked if I had CC, ESP, AC and other stuff. I said only AC at the moment, so he said ok this one will work fine without coding.

Makes me wonder now, if I get it, I'll need to use PP for the ECU and DB for the BSI.....

And whether the OP (Buzarpy) actually has a Pug ECU fitted ...either a remapped one or an unlocked one due to previous immobilizer issues?

That might explain why the BSI took the coding but the ECU didn't. As you have to code them separately anyway. If that's it, then PP2000 might do it.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Diagbox should let you choose the make & model so it will work on Peugeot & Citroen. As a general rule of thumb the older M59 era models will cause Diagbox to start it's own version of either Lexia (Citroen) or PP2000, but later models such as the B9 run Diagbox.
I had 2 M59 Berlingos and much preferred to run Lexia directly rather than the Diagbox version as it ran quicker. Later versions of the Lexia interface may insist on Diagbox, but I am not certain about that.
I've read elsewhere that you can run PP2000 on a Berlingo, never tried it myself though.

If the OP tries to run Lexia on his Berlingo, it will not recognise a lot of the ECUs but it may just unlock the block on the Injection ECU, but then again it may not. I read somewhere about the PP2000 trick & it worked for me.
If it were me, I'd start with the actuator test, see if all the pedal switches are present & work, same with the CC stalk. If all the switches work, restart Diagbox & take a look at the 'delivery to customer' options to see if CC is there & can be enabled.
If you have to do the configuration manually, remove CC from the BSI, exit Diagbox, start & stop the engine to make sure the settings are saved. Go back into Diagbox & add CC to the injection ECU first, then the BSI.

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