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The deed is done ....
So, did the rounds this morning test driving two cars. I'd booked drives for more (Rifter GL Line, a Doblo, a Combo), but the first two were so good, I thought I would be wasting my time for no real good reason.

1. Peugeot Rifter Allure, 1 year old. 13K on clock, going for £14K. Fabulous. Very comfy, great seating position, smooth suspension after the Hyundai i10, responsive, 1.2L engine very good, loved the small steering wheel and the bright controls above them that you could easily see. Enough space for bikes and one person camping / sleeping inside (couldn't get the passenger seat flat though, I guess because of the passenger arm rest?), lots of toys and stuff to play with. Nice size without being huge. Coming from an i10, you quickly got used to it. It's high, so both the Allure and XL are going to need step ladders to use any roof bars - seriously! I would have bought it then and there, but dealer wouldn't haggle, not even for a few hundred quid, so that was that. I'm tight, there was no give, so I said I'd think about it. Both this and the Flair XL have electronic handbrakes - new to me but worked a treat.

2. So next, off to the Citroen dealership to test drive a Berlingo Flair XL they had, 7000 miles, 7 months old. Excellent drives like the Allure above so all good, 1.2L engine which I was concerned about but no need - admittedly unladen, it was peppy enough for me. Drive was surprisingly quiet. The drive, suspension, viewing all good. Reversing sensors made reversing easy. I was surprised how quickly I got used to it - it's big but after 15 minutes, it's all fine. What can you say about the space? Loads of it. Excellent strap points for the bike and lots of cubby holes. It's gonna be easy to set this up and use this as a tourer / camper for two people. Seven seats but two of them are going on ebay - I don't have 6 friends :-). The white colour and black trim makes it stand out. The sat nav was surprisingly excellent. £16K after a bit of wiggle.

So now it's mine :-)   Pick it up in a few days.

First purchase will be some good thermal blinds for all the windows, or a sewing machine .... Will also need to think about a leisure battery, solar, but thats in a month or two. need to time to plan ....

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I like the look of the XL, how much length inside from the tailgate to the back of the driver's seat?
Good two meters.
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That's nice. Love white with black accents.
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Well done on making an excellent choice. May you have a lot of pleasure with it.
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LOL. Well I've had my Rifter now for a month and it's brilliant! Rifter? I thought you bought that brilliant white Berlingo XL? So did I. 1 hour before pick-up, the prats at the Citroen dealership in Coventry rang me to tell me they didn't actually have the V5 and I'd have to wait a week. So, as there is nothing more I hate in this world than people messing me about, especially when I'm coughing up £16K of my hard earned money. I sat there thinking what else haven't they been upfront about. So, I rang them back and exercised my cancel rights, told them where to go, got my deposit back and bought a Rifter with 7K on the clock. :-) So, far, brilliant. Love the smaller steering wheel and easier to view dials above rather than through the wheel. With hindsight, the smaller wheelbase was by far the more sensible choice for me. Still big enough for camper mode, but 90% of my daily driving is far easier with a smaller wheelbase I think.

Happy days.
Is a Rifter much different to a Berlingo? I don't know if I've ever seen one.
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I took Rifters, Berlingos and Combos for a test drive in November, all about a year old, low miles, 1.2 petrol and the second comfort level (Allure, Flair and the combo one which I've forgotten).

They drive all similarly. The combo passenger seat didn't fold completely flat so not quite as good for camping mode, and had a normal handbrake, so that ruled that one out. Funny, but after using the electronic handbrake, you realise how brilliant it is, and it gives a lot more space. in the centre. The Rifter has a smaller steering wheel and dials you can see easily as they are mounted higher up, almost on the dash. The Berlingo had a bigger steering wheel and you look though the wheel. It comes down to a matter of preference, but being able to see the dials without any obstruction from any angle is great. And I do like the smaller steering wheel. There weren't any other differences that I could tell, apart from styling and my local Robin and Day's Citroen dealership being hopelessly disorganised. Lots of bollocks about inconsequential stuff on various YouTube reviews. Both the Berlingo and Rifter were fine MPVs, but then they should be as they are almost identical except for the above!
I'm just new, but the XL is becoming my favorite... nice ride

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