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K9 3rd Gen Error Code after Service
Yup, the garage are flummoxed as they've basically, opened the airbox by removing the lid, disconnected a few pipes/cable blocks, fitted a new filter, then buttoned it all back up.

They have the Citroen Peugeot diagnostic system, so everything was reset and reprogrammed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

They've agreed to take another look at the problem (they're a very reputable outfit), but I'm curious to try to figure it out for myself... it has to be a bad connection/incorrectly seated pipe/similar... surely?
So... disconnected, then reconnected all pipes and electrical connectors, re-seated air filter element and cleared error code.

Engine cold, stood overnight.

Started engine and drove for a short while - performance sluggish, acceleration retarded but no error codes/dash warnings.

5 minutes into journey and with engine temperature gauge registering about 1/4 of the way to mid/normal, warning sign popped-up, check engine icon illuminated, BUT performance back to usual/normal level.

Any thoughts? Is this indicative of a faulty MAF sensor/something else?

Thanks again everyone.
Could be, maybe still a loose or split pipe around the air filter pipework, have they or you checked 360 degrees on each plastic part or rubber tube to ensure there are no cracks or splits? The intake pipes are flimsy at best.

Really if they have Citroen diagnostics they should be able to measure airflow from the MAF and EGR throttle commanded vs actual. At idle it should be around 400. (air flow) - disconnecting the MAF when the engine has been shut down for a few minutes and all doors closed, then unplug the MAF and start it, see how it drives, it will have an EML from doing this but will clear when reconnected.

If it drives fine from the start, I'd maybe get them to check the MAF out. Anyway its worth getting the idle airflow and max airflow under RPM looked at, it should I think go to 1500 at full throttle. More than 1700 triggers an error and below 250 I think, another error.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks Zion... I'll keep what you've said in mind when the van goes back to the garage later this week.

It's so strange how this problem has developed from a simple routine service (never had any issues, of any kind, previously and the van is as-new, having covered 4k since manufacture), unless something's occurred whilst it was at the workshop... I have no way of determining that one way or the other.

It's particularly odd how, having cleared the error code using an OBD tool, with a cold engine, the van runs, albeit sluggishly, then once up to operating temperature the error message/check lamp appears - with an instantaneous return to full power/normal performance!

I'll keep you posted...

Strange times.
That could be something to do with the EGR too then, airow is measured but is adjusted to account for when the EGR is open or closed. The EGR is only used at certain times, like when idling, or on the overrun. If you blank the EGR for instance, you get an error for "airflow higher than expected" from memory as it's expecting some intake flow to come from the EGR which was not metered by the MAF.

Have a read of this:
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks again Zion... very interesting indeed.

I'm thinking more the EGR than anything else, but a mystery how this coincides with a routine service at a reputable garage!? The air filter and fuel filter were replaced, but that's about all that was touched in the suspect area of the engine bay.

Hopefully, I'll have a definitive answer tomorrow and a quick fix.
Could just be coincidence.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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