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Intermittent drivers window fault
I have an intermittent drivers window fault on my 2005 2.0 HDI whereby it fails to operate when you push the button, passenger window is fine.  Solution I have found is to switch the engine off then restart it and it works again.  I have read on the forum it could be a dry joint in the windows relay box but that doesn't explain why turning the engine off and on makes it work again.  I have an MOT due in March, an instant fail if the window fails to open? 

Oh and I should point out here that both the windows will only operate with the engine running NOT on ignition only if you see what I mean.

I do have other electrical issues with cigarette lighter, 12v socket and heated rear window not working either.  The hrw light that comes on, on the switch lights up ok its just the element that doesn't heat up.

Could all these issues be linked to my ABS light problems (see post - Checking Maxi Fuses) and if so does anyone have any ideas what is wrong.  Have tried to reset the bsi on many occasions but this has no effect.

Many thanks,

I had the window problem & like you it went away if I restarted the engine. It also only seemed to happen in the winter. Do they really check the windows at the MOT?
Not sure about the other problems tho.
Window not opening isn't part of the MoT test - if you put it fully down when presenting the car and say it's for fresh air due to Covid they won't be able to argue the case! Door just needs to open from outside & inside handles.
ABS light on/management lights on would probably be a straight fail.
Those things may or may not be connected. My windows/lights/most items only work once the engine is started, that's normal. They continue to work after switch off until you open a door....

If you want to hard reset your BSI to factory settings, pull the HS-SH link on it, that clears any user settings and performs a full reboot. Looks like a fuse but it's not.

Leave it out for a minute or two, then reinsert it. If that doesn't help, you have actual electrical faults.

The BSI is a full blown computer with ram, rom, the whole 9 yards. If it is faulty you'll need a lot more support to resolve it. If the faults are with the individual wiring and items themselves, you'll need an auto spark to trace it all out.

The rear window heater could just be a broken screen element. That can be proven in seconds with a meter. 12v socket is likely a blown fuse or bad connection. Windows, may just be a bad switch or motor. These things need proper tracing before a solution will be found. The BSI is not always to blame, but can be faulty too.
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