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COM2005 Delphi random lights
OK, just in case someone needs to do this.

I managed to take apart the stalk in the COM2005 Delphi unit, but really butchered it, hahaha. See the photos.
In contrast to the previous models (COM2000, COM2003, DAV, etc.), there is a plastic ring that is held by clips and as far as I can see the plastic pin needs to be drilled out, then the top can be twisted 1/4 turn and it should come apart. Eventhough I butchered it and open it, I am still not really certain how it can be taken apart without destroying it. To be honset, despite butchering it, it can still be put back together and probably will work now, but I cannot be bothered to open the sterring wheel again.

It turned out that one of the metal contacts had somewhat twisted or more accurately had sunk a bit and did not provide contact, so the toothpicks actually made them come into contact and it worked! I already purchased another COM2005, so I am testing on this one. I have one more stalk from the old one, so I can test the hypothesis of  drilling the pin out.

The Delphi is almost entirely different than the previous DAV, the clicky thing is not done with springs, but just plastic on plastic grooves, the metal contacts is one continuous metal with pointy bits that make the contact, previous designs were with ring wire that was prone to breaking. In theory this should be much more stable and not play about, although mine was misteriously twisted or sunk inside the track and did not make contact, hence the toothpicks worked rather well.

smile, you are alive!
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OK, here is how you take this COM2005 Delphi unit apart. The plastic pin has to be drilled out, then the top plastic part that keeps the stalk together has to be turned 1/4 turn clockwise and it comes apart. The top plastic part cannot be turned anti-clockwise, only clockwise to unlock it. Then putting it back together is easy, clips in and it is good. Phew, manage to do this.

Here is a picture of what to drill and turn clockwise.

smile, you are alive!
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All fascinating, saskak, thankyou.

It's interesting that supposedly the same unit from different manufacturers can be so different in their details.
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Good work and I appreciate your perseverance.

It's frustrating when they make things that you can't get apart without damaging them but that's the way they do things now, they want you to replace items not repair them.

Great result Cool

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