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What's the stupidest (Car!) thing you've done?
My first car was a very s**t LDV ambulance I bought off ebay. I thought it'd be funny to drive my mates around in it. I think it had a Rover V8.

I thought I'd be in deep s**t with my parents for buying it so I kept it around the town my school was in, which was not where I lived. It was particularly stupid because I was getting the bus in to get to the van. Worse still, I was so scared my parents would find out I barely even told anyone at school about it.

Being 17 I didn't think ahead, and I almost went broke after giving it a tank of fuel. Mate of mine did some back of the napkin maths and we realised it was getting single digit mpg. It got sold before I even moved off temporary insurance.
Bought a used Escort in my early twenties. Celebrated with my mate by getting drunk AF and then gunned it up and down the (private) road leading up to our house. The (dirt) road was in terrible shape after that.
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ex: 2003 1.4i cargo

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