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Wiper stalk with interval time control
Hi folks, 

I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to replace the basic wiper stalk in my van with a unit from another model that would allow me to control interval timing?
2015 Berlingo Enterprise 1.6 HDi Look Pack
If variable intermittent wipe is available on some B9s (I wouldn't know as I have an M59), then you would probably need to reprogram the car's ECU with Diagbox to tell it that it now has the feature.

Plus the stalk is part of the com2000 unit which is mounted behind the steering wheel and is not detachable from it, so you may need to remove the wheel and the airbag to replace the whole unit.

My M59 does not have driver-controlled variable wipe and it does not have a rain sensor, but the intermittent wipe speed does vary.

It gets a bit faster when I hit 50kph (ye the clock is in mph but this setting isn't), and again at 70kph. I find it very annoying and am hoping it can be turned off by reprogramming the ECU; in your case enabling this feature if it is possible might be the easiest way to get some sort of variability, even if not quite what you want.
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Thanks, I will do some more research and see what's available on other berlingos. Maybe some of the passenger versions have sexy wiper stalks.

As for the speed related wiper interval timing, and I thought I was losing my bloody mind!!! So this does happen?! I'm glad to hear that. At first I thought I had some kind of rain sensors. Then I thought I had a bogey timer. ?
2015 Berlingo Enterprise 1.6 HDi Look Pack
I know what you mean - it took some time to realise the link with speeds. I am sure my first M59 (53 reg, as my current one is also) didn't do it, but can't be sure now.
Current: 2003 1.4i MS MPV - Lucifer Red
Prev: 2003 1.6 MS Desire - Bile Blue

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