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[Engine] Revs hanging on up-changes..
Funny you mention this. I have a cheapie error code reader and its coming up with the usual EGR errors. I decided to ignore this due to me replacing the valve last year and putting these codes down to "phantoms".
It was a nice clean used valve and seemed to be moving ok but it may be giving up now. I can change it pretty quickly so I may take it out and see if its moving ok and give it a squirt of lube.
It might help, though the extreme conditions it lives in would probably wipe out lube pretty quickly. The ECU can't tell if the valve is open or closed or somewhere in between so it relies on airflow to tell if something is up, the air doser acts as an egr throttle to suck fumes in when required and the ECU is programmed with a strategy to open and close the valve 3 times on starting up and shutting down to ensure it stays "free" but that isn't guaranteed to work.

Be interesting to see how clagged up yours is after being on for a few months? Pics!!

I'd stick a blank in to test it, only needs cut from a coke can and trimmed with scissors. If the rev hanging stops, the EGR is at fault. If not, try with the MAF disconnected when the ECU has gone to sleep, then start it with no MAF connected and run it for a while, see if its ok now. If none of those take the rev hanging away, then the electronic pedal is the likely issue.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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