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K9 diesel filter location
I have a 1.5 / 75 diesel van, I’ve had a quick look and can’t seem to see where the diesel filter has been hidden. It’s not in the usual place , I have to admit that due to the weather I have not had the air box off yet so it may be under there.
Does anyone have an idea where it may be on this new model.

All of my previous vans have been 1.6hdi’s and I really wanted another as servicing was a doddle !
100 plus views but not one reply - very strange ...

Am I blackballed chaps ?
I guess most of us have 1.6 HDi's mate, no idea where your fuel filter is. Folk with the newer models are less inclined to mess about with them too, so less tribal knowledge. Someone will know. Just need to wait till the right person comes along. This is not a busy part of the forum.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Is there a video on YouTube there seems to be one on everything else ?
Any good ???
(03-02-2021, 10:42 AM)Thanks everyone, I had seen the vid on YouTube but although it is a 2019 k9, it’s got the 1.6hdi fitted.I had a look today and it looks like the filter has been covered by a metal bracket that is bolted to the cyl head?.Assuming the filter Assy is underneath ,I can only assume it’s Citroen’s attempt at discouraging home servicing.Will confirm at the weekend providing there isn’t snow down here againthanks again Wrote:  Any good ???
(04-02-2021, 10:24 PM)chrisl Wrote:  
(03-02-2021, 10:42 AM)Thanks everyone, I had seen the vid on YouTube but although it is a 2019 k9, it’s got the 1.6hdi fitted.I had a look today and it looks like the filter has been covered by a metal bracket that is bolted to the cyl head?.Assuming the filter Assy is underneath ,I can only assume it’s Citroen’s attempt at discouraging home servicing.Will confirm at the weekend providing there isn’t snow down here againthanks again Wrote:  Any good ???

I just found this 1.5 hdi for sale on EBay, the offending bracket can be seen above the area where the filter is usually situated,

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Ok guys, I can answer your question, had out 1st new Berlingo in today.
In fact it was a Vauxhall combo, but exactly the same mechanically..
I took quite a few pics, to show you all, and then discovered this thread.
We must have previously replaced one, but I had forgotten, as we had a filter in stock.

The housing is under the van , in front of the o/s/r wheel.
It’s a large housing & a big filter, costing @ £27 + vat from the dealers




You need to remove the water sensing switch in the bottom, before twisting off, or it will catch on the heat shield & brake pipe


The housing you guys have shown in the previous picture is not the filter, It looks like a little pressure chamber to hold a small amount of fuel.
The van was difficult to start after replacement, I must have cycled the ignition at least 20 times to prime the fuel lines, but it still cut out on me.
Eventually restarted after about 5 mins of cranking, with big gaps of cycling the ignition in between.

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