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[Filters & Oil] DPF Woes
Update, Chevronics have advised "dpf dected clogging" error and advised to replace based on age/mileage etc and the fact it's been "cleaned" "regenned" to an inch of it's life in the last few weeks

Still no Guarantee of fixing it though ...
I would ask them to tell the vehicle the DPF has been replaced using DiagBox and that you'll take the chance yourself on running it. Its just a big mesh filter, no fancy rare metals like a cat. It only filters out big soot particles and burns them off so if it's clean, then it will keep on working. I believe Citroen never envisaged people cleaning them.
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Did not want to start a new thread, my case is somewhat similar.
200k driven 2011 1.6 HDi is the car. All diesel injectors are replaced and about half a year ago also the DPF. Never heard the garage, nor my car about the Eolys fluid levels. I don't even have a clue where the tank for that is situated.

The warning "risk of filter clogging" did not come with limp mode. Car was driving fine. It also did not disappear with normal driving. Only after stopping and starting the third time on the same trip. The warning appeared now 3 times, all with warm engine, driving at 80-100km/h.

The garage replaced one sensor, after reading that the pressure difference was too high. Don't know what sensor. That did not solve it. Warning message came back on the way home. Wednesday a new visit to the garage.

I do not know if my garage performed that was what suggested to cbaynes (tell the system it has a new DPF). I am wondering if there could be a connection between my failing injectors and this issue.
At 200k you would be in the range of DPF expiry mileage programmed into the ECU. The Eolys is again in a pouch inside a tank like cover under the floor, in front of the RH rear wheel (passenger side on yours if LHD) - the system has no way of measuring the Eolys level in the older pouch system, it guesses by miles driven. Also with the DPF, even if it is not clogged (which is what the pre and post pressure sensors are for on the DPF to detect build up of pressure inside from clogging) then the ECU will warn it must be at the end of its life due to distance travelled.

If replaced, or properly cleaned out, then you can program the ECU to accept a new one has been fitted and continue, the warning will go away. If it is actually clogged, you will get problems doing this, or just continuing to drive. Once it clogs, the engine cannot run and will stop dead. It's a big compressor and the exhaust is the outlet. If blocked, the compressor can't operate.

If the pressure difference was read as "too high" and a new sensor reports the same, then I think you are at risk of genuine failure from a blocked DPF.


** Your injector nozzles could be contaminated with soot. If the soot can't escape quickly enough from the cylinders after firing then the injectors can get carbon pushed into them between injection cycles when there is no fuel pressure at the nozzle (exhaust stroke) and the cylinder pressures are higher than they should be on that stroke due to DPF clogging - but without the 300 to 1500 bar fuel injection pressure there at the time to keep the carbon out.

(** That last part is my theory on the failing injectors. If you want to expand this, please create a new thread)
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks, Zion! Learned a lot from this.

The DPF was renewed, not cleaned. And that was at most 15k kms back, not more. I have a hard time believing that could be clogged again. Certainly with our driving habits. No single trip we make is under 10kms and we always step on it, also on the brakes when the white tailed deer are feeling brave again.

I will suggest to the garage (who are open to input) to start with just renewing the fluid pouch. I bought this car when it had 150k on it. No idea when that was done before. Besides that, I will tell about the programming of the ECU and see if that works.

Is there any way of checking the state of the DPF, not through the pressure difference at 2 points?

Ah ok, so since the DPF has been replaced 15km ago, it will still be clean but the ECU should have been told it was replaced via the "replacement parts" menu in DiagBox software system - regular OBD systems can't do this, it needs to be the Citroen software. Lots of users have it, but not all garages do. If this is not done, the ECU will not know it's a new one.

With that software, you can read the soot loading in the DPF at any time and the oil ash levels (which accumulate over time as soot is burned using the regeneration function) at about 23% soot, a regen will start as long as you drive over 55mph / 100kmh for at least 3 minutes. Once it starts, dont slow down for another 5 minutes or so to allow the burn to complete. It's hard to tell it's doing it, I think they should have put an indicator on the dash to let you know but no one does. One of the few clues is the fans run constantly while the regen is happening.

With a good Bluetooth OBD plug and the FAP Pro software for Android, you can see the DPF temps rise and read the regen status on a phone...needs to be fully ELM327 complaint with all protocols, one model is vgate icar orange OBD plug from Amazon. Fap Pro only works on Citroen / Peugeot.

On the issue of the Eolys pouch, they are prone to the seam splitting and often need changed before the system expects it to run out. The neck colour of the pouch must match the old one, as it denotes the fluid used. Different colours are not compatible.

One pouch will last 100k miles from new. (160k km)
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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  • Roope
Thanks again for the reply!

This garage I use is listed as performing Citroen brand service. I assume they have the correct equipment. At the end it is still the resourcefulness of the serviceperson that gets you the best result. This forum helps me with pointing me (and them) in the correct direction. The only reason I think my garage has missed something at some times is that they have usually only worked on the core problem at hand and never take time to check other possible issues. Since I use them, I arrive there with a squeaky belt somewhere and they never said a single word about it. At least I know they won't be scamming me into replacing all kinds of things that aren't up for replacement yet.

One thing about the regenerating: if they find that there is need for it, is the forced regeneration with the software as efficient as the one during driving?

I got a friend who lives a 3 hours drive away, that owns a computer with Lexia software and the cables. That was helpful with my Xsara Picassos. I am considering getting my own diagnostic equipment, but haven't had the time to dig into that. Does this forum have a useful 'sticky' post, or is info all over the place?

PS tomorrow's garage time cancelled. No new date set, so I can't give an update soon. Damn. Sad
Forced regen is the same as driven one and can be selected as moving or static. But a static regen can cause a fire and puts out a lot of stinky fumes. Kind of defeats the environmental purpose of a DPF...

Your friend can code the "new" DPF for you and could set off a regen. He will be more help on that than the garage. DiagBox works on all Citroen models.

There's a good section called submitted tutorials and how to's, worth a read.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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