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[Steering & Suspension] Rear shocks
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Hi all , thanks for input , much progress today , new shockers are on ....yabloody hooo , bit of struggle to remove top bolts both sides but got there with a long breaker bar and some anglo saxon language , cleaned up underfloor area with wire brush then sprayed on some gravi guard , back box to go back on in morning and spare wheel back in then set preload and all will be tickety boo. Next thing will be mot at end of month , then replace radiator , timing belt water pump etc.
This being retired is no fun , got a yaris to do brakes on for mot after my own work.
I'll update when done , should be tomorrow . Bye the way the local Peugeot dealer partsman has informed me that he can now supply citroen parts also , is this allover the place and if so since when ?
Cheers guys
Peugeot and Citroen parts are mostly identical. They've been one company for 20 years or so. Most things though not all, are interchangeable.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
For many years ( 20 and a bit ?? ) I've been getting parts from the Peugeot dealer when the Citroen dealer has nil stock, having said that the stock levels in these more modern times is even more minimal.
Morning , our local peug dealer wouldn't supply citroen parts as he said they were not same ,  but given as you said they are same company and have been for years. Just found it odd , but in present economic climate better to seel parts than not .
Spoke to ex workshop foreman ( in his late 80's ) yesterday from peug garage , he had some really shocking stories regarding suff coming from factory , thank goodness for PDI , it would appear that my berlingo slipped up at PDI as shockers were not for that vehicle at all , but they lasted 22 and a bit years. Reminds me of first rover sdi that came into area , rear had 2 totally different springs fitted but then we are talking BL.
Greetings from wet and windy north
ooops excuse my spelling i'm rushing
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Evening folks , all well , shocks on, preload set , rear brakes adjusted , back on it's feet , all good. I would say to anyone doing the job on an older berlingo buy a good quality 14mm allen socket you will need it !! Also remove spare wheel and back box makes access much easier. One  lower bolt was seized onto shocker eye , needed eye splitting and rubber cut of to get at sleeve , then heat and a wiggle with vice grips came of ok.
Need to get mot booked now , maybe a problem here as some testing stations have reduced staff / access. By the way I am north of Inverness.
Thanks to all who posted during this job , not going away will be lurking and reading posts , stay safe , and who knows i may pass you on North Coast 500 , lol lol
Just a little update , passed mot today , one minor defect driveshaft boot has a pinhole ( has had for years put quality silicon on it never leaked , but tester picked it off ) so I am quite pleased that it is ok for now.
Now going to change timing belt / water pump and radiator soon.
Pretty good for a 23 year and 3 months old vehicle.
Anglo-Saxon language north of Inverness, eh?

"Kringlaugd wierd, ein spadi for qvoki ne skeifr drpr munni ne svinhqfdi!"
[Gaze upon thy destiny, with this sword I will cleave your lying maggot mouth from your swine head!]

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(24-02-2021, 11:33 PM)Rasputin Wrote:  Anglo-Saxon language north of Inverness, eh?

"Kringlaugd wierd, ein spadi for qvoki ne skeifr drpr munni ne svinhqfdi!"
[Gaze upon thy destiny, with this sword I will cleave your lying maggot mouth from your swine head!]


Ha Ha , love that stuff , but my anglo saxon usually does the job without nordic influence. And if that doesn't work ........get a bigger hammer Cool

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