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Buying an automatic van
Hello everyone new to forum and looking to aquire a van for work.Im originally from Australia and living in Ireland at moment.Being from Sydney i have always had automatic cars(amount of traffic/their availability)Now in Ireland automatics are quite hard to find and possbly harder to get repaired.Just would appreciate any feedback if they have an automatic berlingo that hasn't been as problematic as it suggests on the internet.thanks
I have no experience of automatics more recent than a long-dead a 1979 Volvo 245DL (!), but all the Berlingo specs are listed here if it's of any help:
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The Berlingo autos are all actually piloted manuals, with an auto clutch and sequential shift so essentially a manual gearbox. 

The clutch has to be calibrated now and then and it can only be done using Citroen software if required. It's called DiagBox. Also needs a special tool if the clutch needs replaced to reset the auto adjuster. Clutches on manuals wear in a different way of course to a regular slushbox and need replacing when they wear and start slipping or juddering.

This is why I think, they get a bad rep online. People have issues with clutch judder, or too much creep in gear, or other problems that only need calibration of the pilot system and so they go to a local garage who mess around swapping things but can't do the calibration, the person gets fed up and starts posting threads everywhere....slaying the car, Citroen, the

People fear what they don't understand, and most small garages don't know about DiagBox never mind have it. If you get an auto, I think they are unfairly maligned but beware if it needs tweaking and the local garage says "uh??" When you mention DiagBox....just bite the bullet and go to Citroen or find a proper independent PSA Specialist.

I have DiagBox myself and I'd have an auto in a hot minute. Just be aware it's not a conventional slushbox where you get away with a filter and a fluid change if it starts acting up.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks for getting back to me I have been test driving a 2017 van with the full extras kit in immaculate condition.Drive was a bit strange( dial position,take off even cabin noise i suppose.Abit underwhelming.Im working out of a astra petrol estate and im appreciating how it drives for an old cheap car.Anyway could use a van for work and kids pickup so with money available this is the market im in.Van has 70000kms on it.While trying to negotiate price another van popped up locally and was a 2015 peugeot partner at 115000km and for the life of me seemed to go smoother through the gears and nicer drive.Condition no where near as good though.My problem is my mechanic has no time for autos and i would love to get one and fingers crossed get some longevity out of it but if it goes the other way i get the old (told you so)Saw an automatic van over here with 250000 miles and would be almost wanting to contact him to see how he got on getting that far.Other vans would have 3 owners with low kms Dislike or prblems?

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