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[Steering & Suspension] Power Steering gone - reservoir full, hoses and belt seem fine
Don't know about the tools, but the seller can check it's the right pump for you via a message with your reg.
Thanks, I will do if I end up ordering! I was actually just looking at some quotes on "Whocanfixmycar" and there are some quotes including parts and labour which aren't a whole lot more than that part. I may go down that road and save myself the headache...
2004 Multispace Desire 1.6 petrol
That looks right according to catcar and the OPR data, up till OPR 10429 which is 29/5/2005 the same pump was used for all petrol models and yours is 2004 so OPR 9915 to 10280 range. As you say though, no to the garage!

Part number for OEM is 4007WQ - but as CC says, always check via VIN or reg number before ordering parts.


My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
If the workshop cost is that low I'd be worried that they're using 'repaired' parts, or is a 'fly by night' shop where the warranty only lasts until you're out the door.
(22-02-2021, 07:10 PM)Gadgetman Wrote:  If the workshop cost is that low I'd be worried that they're using 'repaired' parts, or is a 'fly by night' shop where the warranty only lasts until you're out the door.
Or they will find extra work that needed doing for a lot more than quoted. Get absolutely everything in writing preferably by email or, as a last resort, text from a number that can be tied up to the workshop.
B9 (2016) 1.6 BlueHDi 100 Multispace XTR = Mine;   B9 (2013) Enterprise 1.6 HDi Van = Hers.
A quick update - I finally had some time to go out and check the car a bit more. Started it up, gave it some revs, and boom - steering smooth as can be. Did a quick pull out and three point turn, and it was heavy again shortly later. Rev, and it's back, but not permanently. Quick Google shows this to be a fairly common issue in general. Any ideas what may be the cause in the case of a Berlingo?
2004 Multispace Desire 1.6 petrol
Maybe there's air in the system? Turning lock to lock with the engine running will help bleed the system, probably best if you can get both front wheels off the ground. While you're at it, the UJ at the bottom of the steering shaft often gets stiff some some chain lube spray on the UJ would help too.
(22-02-2021, 10:09 AM)mrak Wrote:  Thanks, everyone. I guess I'll give it a go myself. This looks to be the right pump, yeah?

Any other tips on consumables/special tools I may need? Best if I don't get halfway through and find out I'm missing a washer of some sort!

Maybe a new belt, esp. if your had let out a scream!

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