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Mountain Bike
Hi all, has anyone found an ingenious way of neatly storing an MTB in the back of the B9? 

Got a bike on the way and a very full shed so it will probably spend a lot of time in the van! Only issue is I've got an ageing pooch who goes in the back of the van daily, so there's already a plastic ramp in there and a small dog bed. I think the ramp is going to end up attached to one of the walls at some point, but until the bike arrives I can't really visualise how bits are going in. 

Ideally I don't want to put a fork mount directly into the floor as it'll get in the way if I shift anything large in the van. Sides of the van are plied with wheel arch boxes, so I could trim a bit off the bottom of these and slide stripwood underneath them and across the back with a fork mount in it and slide it back out if I need the fork mount out the way.  

Anyone got any smart fixes already?  Huh

Hi Sparx, my set up in B9 is ; single Amdro Boot with the bike( folding electric) tied down with ratchets.I think YOU need a removal van lol.

(30-03-2021, 09:05 PM)ptolemy Wrote:  Hi Sparx, my set up in B9 is ; single Amdro Boot with the bike( folding electric) tied down with ratchets.I think YOU need a removal van lol.


The removal van isn't a bad shout . . . but I like the berlingo and the girlfriend would kill me for taking up the whole driveway  Big Grin 

I think ratchets will end up being the way forward, I just have a small obsession with things being away neatly but easy to get to when needed.  

Tried to suggest buying to a house with a garage and got reminded of the house prices over here  Dodgy
there is an adapter for the front wheel i was looking at a while ago you pop front wheel out slot it into this adapter you screw to floor and thats it held in place but i would put a strap round it as well to save the dog
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In my B9 multispace I fit road/TT/XC bikes in wheels on by reversing them in, pushing the rear wheel to the outside of the front seat, in this way they go in far enough to close the rear door. I strap them in place with 1/2" webbing straps, first between front rim and cargo tie-down at rear, second between rear rim and rear seat front fixing (one rear seat is removed), third between the bikes seat rail and an eye-bolt I've fitted above the side sliding door. On a multispace care is reqd that the bar end isn't bumping the rear side window glass.
My bikes are size medium 53cm Road & TT, 16in XC bike. The XC bike is a 27.5in wheel, I've also done it with 26in wheel bike, but not tried a 29in wheel bike.
2016 Multispace XTR BlueHDi 100 S/S Gris Artense Met
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In my B9 multispace I use one of these

Vangonee Quick Release Fork Mount, Bike Block Fork Mount Aluminum Alloy Quick Release Bicycle Front Fork Fixed Clip Luggage Rack for Truck Trailer: Sports & Outdoors

Which is screwed to a wooden chopping board, I then use 2 webbing cam straps connected to the two folding seat retaining eyes.

Appreciate that yours is a van so you won't have these fixings but if you have two solid points opposite each other such as the tiedown eyes you can use the same setup which has been absolutely solid for me.

The main reason I have to take the front wheel off is because mine are 29"/700 wheels which would impede into the space between front seats if I didn't.

The other advantage of taking the front wheel off is you can rotate the handle bars to any orientation without the wheel in the way and just slide the board across the floor.

These are pretty good too if you are worried about dirt/scratches as unlike other bike covers they leave the top tube exposed to allow for straps and are stretchy enough to still fit well with wheel removed

WESTLIGHT Bike Cover, Bike Covers for Outside Storage, Stretchy Dirt Proof Fabric, Bike Storage Bag Anti Dust Wind UV Travel Protection Cover for Mountain Bicyle
2013 Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.6 HDI
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Thanks all for the replies, I've got a fork mount on the way along with a couple of wheel straps. Did a "test fit" yesterday and it'll all fit in nicely with the dog ramp strapped on the drivers side wheel arch box. Still have plenty of space for the pooch to sleep and will be able to get the ramp off without removing the bike :o)
Top tip for the fork mount.... buy two springs on ebay that will fit over either end of the bolt, it will make it self centering like the Q.R on a bike does. Makes dropping the forks in so much easier.

10mm inside diameter (10.8 outside) compression springs 20mm length each side worked well on the mount I linked above, but length might depend on the spread of your forks.
2013 Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.6 HDI
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Fork mount installed, ply strip sits across the rear of the van with a wooden block attached. Didn't have any rubber floor off cuts so had to cover it in carpet. Fork mount attached on top, if I need the whole van floor it lifts out with no tools.

Couple of straps hold the front wheel in place, and keep the rear wheel against the frame behind the drivers seat.

Trusty bungee on the ramp.

Still room for the dog bed, and can all be taken out in a couple of minutes when needed.

Thanks to everyone for the input, this forum is brilliant!

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That looks really good. Like the carpeting on the sides too.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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