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[WTB] Aftermarket stereo with bluetooth (M59)
After upgrading the speakers it's just highlighted that the head unit isn't really up to driving them.

Anyone taken an aftermarket stereo out of a car they've scrapped? I need a head unit, adapter loom, and steering wheel remote adapter.

I could go to Halfords or John Klees,  but that would cost as much as the car's worth!

Not fussed between brands (Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC).
Go to audio settings (button with the music note on it) and keep pressing the button till you get to presets, then use the left and right buttons on the OK button to change that to "Techno" then press the music note button again till you get to bass, select what you can stand, +1 etc, press again to get to treble, again using the left and right buttons round the OK button, set treble to +9, then leave the settings menu to go off by itself. Repeat all steps for radio, MP3 / Aux, Phone, CD, every input needs the settings put to the same thing (they aren't common to all inputs but set separately)

The sound will be transformed beyond recognition.
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I think he has a M59 model and the standard radio so I doubt if it has any of the functions apart from treble bass and balance.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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It's an RD3 in the M59? I'm not sure if an RD4 would work, but it does have several 'ambience' modes, not sure I've seen Techno though.
Ah sorry I missed that point. Ok, new stereo it is then!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Just trying to think round all that extra faff involved with installing a new non-oem unit.

Does the M59 radio have a line level output like a headphone socket or similar? If so, it could feed a second amp placed elsewhere, which would provide the quality you want, allowing you to ignore the amp section of the current radio.

Failing that, are there any decent amps which will work with power outputs instead of line signals?
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There isnt a headphone socket or aux socket on the RD3 radios but from memory on the back is a connector with about 8 pins in for connecting a cd autochanger that was in the options list at the time. I dont know if it would be able to use this socket with an adaptor or something.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Yep, there's no line in or Bluetooth. I'm currently streaming it via a Bluetooth->FM adapter. I've got the bass and trebble set to levels that sound right, it just seems to have hit a limit in terms of the stereo (and possibly the wiring I guess). Too many conversion steps and just not enough ooomphh.

You can get converters that take speaker level inputs and convert to line level to feed an amp. But again it's adding £££ and complexity .

There's millions of aftermarket stereos on facebook/eBay for £10-£30 as no-one fits them anymore to modern cars with random loom adapters. Just asking here incase someone had one with all the right adapters sat on a shelf.
On my M59 I had an aux-in via an add on box connected to the CD changer port on the back of the radio. I'm fairly sure it was one of these..
I remember that the line levels were too low and even with the volume up full it was not loud enough. There are others on the market that may be better.
The same company that made the device I had also made connectors so that you can use an after market radio and still keep the steering column controls.
Sorry I should have explained a bit more clearly. A headphone socket is line out, not line in. The idea was to treat the RD3 as a preamp only and bypass its power amp.
Current: 2003 1.4i MS MPV - Lucifer Red
Prev: 2003 1.6 MS Desire - Blingo Blue

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