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Fuel leak
Had nothing but issues since my engine was rebuilt a month or so ago. Since then I’ve been having a massive fuel leak issue. It was initially localised to the leak offs pipes on cyl 1 and cyl 2 so the leak offs were replaced with genuine Citroen parts. Less than 24hrs later cyl 1 and cyl 2 leak offs pop off spilling fuel everywhere. These have been reseated properly now and that leak has stopped. This leak resulted in a massive pool of diesel to sit on the engine. 

The garage has the car back and is looking for this new leak. 

Top of the engine is dry but the sub frame is soaked and diesel is running all the way under the car with everything soaked. He has had the car running and can’t see a leak, he’s left it sitting and can’t see a leak. It’s been on and off the ramp half a dozen times today while he’s looking for the leak but can’t see it anywhere. Only evidence is the soaked underside. He’s tried accelerating and can’t locate the leak. When I was out in the car yesterday it was spraying fuel out of the exhaust onto the rear window. 

This car is testing my last nerves with how it’s been behaving since the other garage done the engine replacement. 

Filter - fine
Leak offs - fine
Tank to engine - fine
Injectors - fine

Wtaf is happening here? Anyone got any guesses that I could fire in the direction of the mechanic? Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

It’s a 2012 1.6HDI 8v 9HP 92Bhp engine.
Your garage can't find a fuel leak. Time to find a new garage!!!!!!!!
If the leak is as bad as you say, it cannot be too difficult to locate.
Plenty of paper towels to clean up, run the engine, mop up any further fuel, get a general area for the leak, home in on the leak. Simple.

The leak seems to be coming from rear centre of the engine. I think his intention is to begin to remove things from the engine to get a clearer view to see if it can be located.
Get it steam cleaned first - any new leaking will show up straight away.
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