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Trickle charge through 12V socket
Doesn't the caravan have its own battery?
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(31-07-2021, 10:15 PM)Mike Wrote:  Doesn't the caravan have its own battery?

A 90Ah traction battery for the motor movers
2021 Berlingo XTR M (K9) 130D

I.T. is there to help, but unforgiving if you make a mistake
Why not put a solar panel on or by the side of the caravan to keep the caravan topped up if there's no hook up? The car electrics should be normally protected from draining via split charger so there's little chance of the car battery being flat even after a couple of weeks.
Now that you have explained your usage scenario a bit more I take back what I said earlier. I thought you were simply leaving the car idle for weeks on end, not drawing charge from it.

In your case i think the simplest solution would be to get a portable power pack with a built in charge controller.

This will let you plug a panel straight into it to charge from solar and then provide 12v and 240v mains output at any time.

You can also charge it from the cars 12v socket while the engine is running

I have the

You would need to check the spec's of your fridge to see how long it will run for but the major advantage of these are that if solar isn't providing enough charge you can bring it inside and charge from mains or car.

It also has the advantage that should you get a new caravan in the future you can quickly remove the battery and panel and fit it to the new one.

There are many different makes and capacities of these power packs but if you are planning on using a solar panel then you will want one with a MPTT controller built in to make installation more simple.

By doing this you can completely isolate the caravan power from the cars battery and you will have no worries of draining your starter battery and no need to modify the car itself.
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It looks a great solution, I'll have to work on the numbers re: current demand etc. Thanks
2021 Berlingo XTR M (K9) 130D

I.T. is there to help, but unforgiving if you make a mistake

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