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Air Conditioning only works when van is in motion
I have a 2010 Berlingo M59 model and recently had the air conditioning re-gassed as it hasn't worked for some time. Here's where it gets strange... when in motion, I can feel the air con coming through the vents and the air is proper ice cold. However when the vehicle is stationary, the air coming into the cabin blows at ambient temperature and it's no longer cold. I also noticed that when stationary I can hear the compressor or relay kicking in once every minute or so, then theirs a brief burst of cold air before the compressor stops running just a few seconds later, it's like it cuts out.

I'm not sure, but this almost feels like it's got something to do with the condenser or perhaps it's fan? I presume whilst in motion, the condenser is able to cool, but there may be an issue when the vehicle is stationary. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and/or could anyone give me any pointers as to what checks I can perform to find the problem?

Does the aircon work when you rev the engine to the same revs as when it's working but while still stationary?
Hi, thanks for your reply. the answer to your question is no, revving the engine makes no difference. Cold air only comes out of the vents when the AC is ON and the vehicle is moving.

For info, I have checked Fuse 18 in the engine compartment which the handbook states is for the Air Conditioning Fan and the fuse is fine (40A). The pins on the fuse become live when the AC button is selected to ON.

I wonder if the re-gassing guys put too much refrigerant in the system. Normally when re-gassing an a/c system you have to put the right amount in the system. If it was only recently re-gassed I would be inclined to take it back to them and see what they say.

Have you also checked that the condenser coil fins are not blocked up.
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Thanks for your help on this. If they had over gassed it then would I not still get the same problem when the van was in motion?

I will check the condenser coil fins though, that's a good idea. Is the condenser located in front of the radiator, and do you know if it has a separate fan on it or not?

is the air con radiator fan working?
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I cannot hear an aircon radiator fan running, does it definitely have one? I presume I need to get at the aircon radiator and that it's infront of the main radiator behind the front bumper?

If you have the M59 model look down the left hand side of the radiator in the engine bay and you will see a black box/lid. Undo the screws holding it on and behind it are the relays controlling the fans, these tend to corrode and could be causing your problem and are easy to test.
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(10-09-2021, 11:22 AM)Gavvan Wrote:  I cannot hear an aircon radiator fan running, does it definitely have one? I presume I need to get at the aircon radiator and that it's infront of the main radiator behind the front bumper?

There is only one fan, common for the engine and for the air conditioner. The fan should run all the time as long as the air conditioner is running. Look through the bumper from the front of the car and you will see it.
Ahh ok! Thanks for your replies on this! Ok I didn’t realise there was only one fan, I’ll check to see if it comes on constantly when I turn on the aircon, but depending on how that goes I’ll then take a look at the relays and see what condition they’re in. I’ll post and let you know what I find!


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