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Berlingo DPF ISSUES. I’m out of ideas
Hii there. 
I wonder if anyone can help please. I have a berlingo 1.6 engine code  9HN (DV6ETED). 2016

The engine has just been fully reconditioned, since then I am getting DPF warning lights and fault codes. 

P1490- particle filter detected to be overloaded. 

When I then get the DPF professionally cleaned and refit the DPF the car will run well for 2 days and the same fault code will come back. If you then continue to drive the van. Fault code 

P242F- particle filter detected to be clogged. 

The van then goes into limp mode and engine warning light appears. I then got the DPF recleaned incase it wasn’t done properly the first time and changed the pressure sensor and hoses. Completed a static regen on the dpf and the car drives lovely for a day or two with very good pressure difference readings on live data. A day or 2 later the same fault codes appeared. And pressure readings very far apart. I then disconnected the exhaust from the bottom of the dpf and checked live data to see if the fault was further back but no change. I have now brought a new aftermarket Dpf and fitted that. Reset all the values and told the ecu a new one had been Installed. Again great for 2 days around 200 miles. With good live data then the same fault codes appear again. I have live data screen shots from all stages of the faults. The eolys fluid says there is 1 litre in the tank on the autel machine but I have not physically checked. 

I was wondering has anyone had this issue before and could please help with diagnosis. 

Thank you in advance 

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When you say 'professionally cleaned', can you be more specific?

A lot of garages throw some crap in the engine and say it will clear the DPF and to be honest, its s**t.

The only way to really clean them is to take them out and ship it somewhere that does this type of cleaning ...

Had a quick look to see if I could see aywhere in Surry that offers such service, but could only find companies doing in sitiu repairs, but if you are looking for someone to do this, then you can ship the DPF to these guys and they will clean and return it and they have a number of sites ...

I've never tried it, but if you want to ensure the unit is cleaned, this is really the only way to know for sure.
As the problem coincided with the work on the engine might it be related to that - possibly wrong engine oil being used / injector issues/turbo. The regularity of the issue might suggest a consistent 'source' of the problem, rather than one associated with inadequate cleaning ?
Maybe a long hard run on the motorway will provide some evidence.
If you have fitted a new DPF then it must be the sensor . There is one which measures the exhaust gas pressure in the dpf , I would be looking at that.

 There is a link to a post earlier this week and a video showing the position
2010 B9 red XTR w a v. 
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo  
2005 2.l green Berlingo
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo 
berlingo 1.4 red multispace
1993 xud 1.9 red partner
I would have thought that but a new sensor was fitted Aswell. The brand new dpf only lasted 200 miles roughly befor ecu thinks it is clogged
Could any of the connections to the sensor/ECU be damaged or somehow altered due to the reconditioning?  I don't have experience with DPF issues, so I did some google searching, and I found the link below to be quite informative.

It says that "wires to the ECU can be damaged from harsh vibrations or crack and melt from extreme heat. And just like the DPF, the sensor hoses can also become clogged from soot in the exhaust".
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
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Hi all...
I have the same error codes on my berlingo multispace 2012 - mileage around 99k
P1490- particle filter detected to be overloaded
P242F- particle filter detected to be clogged
Also, have P14A4 (EGR Heat exchanger by-pass) error
I did add 1ltr Eolys DPF/Diesel Particulate Filter Fluid DPX 42/176 a few thoushand miles ago (around 5000 possibly) but never reset level and simply drove with light on, then decided to top up level and put around another litre in and reset it with diagbox
It was ok at first but triangle light started to come on and message something about clogging then it would go off and a little later come on again.. and so on... Then engine management light come on and would just message engine fault. There is no power... and I guess it must be in limp mode
I took dpf off and blow it out with air.. it didnt seem that dirty - to cause block that is
Ive put dpf back on and was going to take off egr valve to see if something is obvious there.. and maybe give a good clean, However, does anyone know where the egr is located? I can find many videos on youtube but theyre all different to mine! (doesnt seem to allow me to post pic of my engine on here)?
Any advice very much welcome
What engine do you have , different engines have different positions for the egr

Uploading photos   What I do is write the post , or some of it  , then go to " preview post"  , In preview post at the bottom, Attachments section     " add attachment ",   "  choose file" ,     "add attachment" again ,   then finally  "insert into post."
2010 B9 red XTR w a v. 
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo  
2005 2.l green Berlingo
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo 
berlingo 1.4 red multispace
1993 xud 1.9 red partner
Dont know what engine it is but here is pic

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Your vin number has the engine code in it eg VF77J9HXCAJ00000. mine is a 9hxc

Going by your pic your in the right area for the egr.

my egr is in the front of the engine
2010 B9 red XTR w a v. 
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo  
2005 2.l green Berlingo
2001 1.9d DW8B white  Berlingo 
berlingo 1.4 red multispace
1993 xud 1.9 red partner

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