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tailgate light
There's a rubber filler panel on the inside of my tailgate, pretty much directly behind the high brake light.

Do more exotic models have a light there ? I could mount a generic one (perhaps I should, the default coourtesy lights are pretty dim) but I'm curious whether it fits something standard, like the Relay's interior light (a rounded rectangle).
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Not mine Italian B9.. but there is a sort of "pre-cut line" in the panel that reveal a clue that at least they talked about it in pre-production phase.. Smile
2009 B9 Multispace petrol 1.6 16v 90HP that runs around Italy
I've got this feature in my B9 with a large grommet in it. I always assumed it was for access to the high level stop light. Perhaps I've been wrong?
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(17-09-2021, 08:43 PM)Matt Haigh Wrote:  I've got this feature in my B9 with a large grommet in it. I always assumed it was for access to the high level stop light. Perhaps I've been wrong?

I think you're right, actually. I didn't think of that until I pulled it out and realised it was right behind the brake light. 
I've ordered a square led panel to put over it and make a nice loading bay light when the door's up.

I've also been experimenting with W5W LEDs for the existing interior lights as I find the factory bulbs gloomy. 

Initially I bought some 6000K 35 lumen bulbs from Halfrauds. Actually not bad at £3.50 for two. They're not a great help with the overall lighting but I've put them in the individual front courtesy lights where they whiten the illumination nicely while not being too bright for driving.

Then I got some much brighter, but still 6000K bulbs. 180 lumen : These were disappointing. Fairly bright, but with a strong purple tint. On examination , they seem to have a similar spectrum to the Halfords bulbs but with an additional peak in the violet area. They're quite odd - they have normal SMD LEDs on the pcb (not COB) but the resin coating has yellow in it - presumably the fluorescent stuff used to make the white. There isn't a sold slab of yellow phosphor material like you usually see in white LEDs. I think that the phosphor is mixed with the epoxy to make a glowing blob, but it's not thick enough so a lot of the underlying blue/purple leaks through. They're also physically a lot longer than a W5W and only just fitted under the berlingo's lens.

So I got some different ones. Again, 6000K, but 240 lumen. . I'm pleased with these. Nice bright white like the Halfords one but way brighter. And the control circuit is a little switch-mode regulator inside the head, instead of just resistors. The whole car lights up now when I blip the key instead of just having two gloomy pools. I will try the same manufacturer for others I want to replace like the reversing lamps.

They cope with the automatic dimming OK - fine at normal levels but flicker a little just as they're going out. I may fix that if it annoys me.
2016 1.6 BlueHDI Feel MPV / Blaze WAV

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