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berlingo 1.4i Van gearbox swaps
The gearbox on the 1.4i TU3JP KFW is whining and I suspect it’s a well know 
Fault. It’s a MA 5 speed box code 20CP36.
I’m going to swap it for a Peugeot 206 KFW box 20CP09 or a KFU 20CP23
I assume these gearbox codes are for gear ratios but I don’t really know 
The bell housing looks the same.

Can anyone help and tell me if these replacements would be compatible 
As I’m not that knowledgeable on these gearboxes 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

The 1.4 engine has a relatively low output and this is probably offset on the Berlingo by having a low ratio differential (5th gear feels about the same as a 'normal' 4th gear). The 'upside' is that many long hills can be taken in 4th gear.
The gear ratios - - first is certainly low to allow a reasonable getaway from rest .
Whether the saloon gearboxes that you are considering are similar in either respect - possibly not as they have less mass to shift from rest and are longer-legged on the motorway. This may not matter much if you don't carry any loads or tow anything, but could add to the feeling of being gutless if you do!

Continued.....well that was my theory ......but I've just found that the diff ratio appears the same at 4.06, but could also be 3.76 on the P. 5th gear ratio on the Peugeot is 0.77:1, as is the Berlingo.
Berlingo first gear is 3.64 :1, whereas the ratios I've found for the P include 3.41 as well as 3.63.

The big performance changer will be the diff ratio if its 3.76,
All info gathered from Mr Google !
Thanks for your reply. What I’m really asking is if these
2 different gearboxes would be compatible with the driveshafts
And clutch splines hole locations etc. From looking at pictures
It looks as thou they would but conformation from someone
Who is knowledgable would be great

The 206 is listed as having a top speed of 171Km/h, while the Berlingo only gets t0 150.
So it's safe to assume that it has a slightly different top gear at lest.
Or the shed-shaped Berlingo runs out of puff and never revs out !
They rev out...


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