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53 2.0 hdi fuel filter
Say hope i'm on the right area, but i've only had my Berlingo 4mths, and i'm going to change all the filters and the engine oil, but the siemens fuel filter, the last ones i've done are a bolt on the top or a thread job like the oil filter, can anyone just put me on the right route of getting the top of my fuel filter, so i can change the filter without damaging the housing cos they look quite expensive. In advance thankyou Wink
It's not a Siemens filter. It's Mahle filter.
Service manual you can download here:
I've yet to do mine but you might find this link useful for a suitable wrench,filter spanner
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Hecky thump, i got me filters and oil to save money, didn't want to be buying all new tools. Do you reckon the handle and chain wrap for taking off the oil filter would get the lid off the fuel filter.Tongue
Yeah, might remove it ok but could leave a few "teeth marks" or even break the screw-down retaining collar. I am yet to remove and replace one but I am told that they can be very tight to undo and not-so-cheap to replace the filter housing if it gets FUBARed.

You could of course try the time honoured traditional method of a lump hammer and cold chisel if you really want to savage it good and proper......

Next special tool you will be after will be a Code Reader to read fault codes arising from the engine management system. I am still looking for a suitable device.

Think we may have both bought our Berlingos at a similar time, had mine in October
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Yeh i see those fuel filter housings are £76, i guess thats everything, but if it was the Bosch type it is a lot cheaper just my luck, think i will get one of those tools, some on Ebay, are allowed to mention that on here, for £16+£2 post, once got shall have the right tool for the job then. I bought mine last october i could of had it the 2nd week of september, but i knew they would back date the road tax, and the garage sed when did i want it, so that was it 1st of october, mines a red 53 plate towbar ready for our rapido poptop caravan. Roll on spring warmer weather and some outings..Cool
I would just check it is the correct tool for your filter housing, thought they were for the Bosch ones but maybe I am wrong and stand corrected. Not sure if mine is a Bosch or Siemens fuel system.

I had a towbar fitted to mine in anticipation of doing more caravanning this year (2 berth Abbey Lincoln) but so far, all I have towed is a 4x3 box trailer with stuff to the tip and back. Previously towed with a Pug306 1.9 straight aspirated (no turbo) so should see a vast improvement in performance.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Got up today thinking, come on lets give them filters a try, 10.35am away we go, air filter undone old one out crusty mucky, wonder when anybody last see that in daylight, new one in lid on. Right now for the fuel filter, off comes engine cover, off comes the electrics and off comes the feed and return pipes, now for the delicate bit unscrewing the lid, gently wrap me filter removing chain as tight to the top has i could get it, apply a little pressure anti clockwise a little crack of undoing, off comes the chain in goes the hand loose enough to turn, out with the mucky filter, clean out the housing, change the O ring in with the new filter pipes back on pump fuel into housing, start up and yep she fires then dies, then turns over a few times fires up and runs. Oil filter and oil change, sump plug out filter, well what did someone use to tighten it up with is anyones guess, after a larger fight, i WON, by this time Andy Murray had LOST, on with the new filter, smidging of new oil on the seal, sump plug back in and in with the new oil, 12.15pm, Arh sunday dinner ready for 1.00pm.WinkCool
Well done Gary, you can do mine next
(30-01-2011, 01:38 PM)jimbo Wrote:  Well done Gary, you can do mine next

I'll second that and you can do mine after you have done jimbo's

Cheers !!!!Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Just taken my "baby" for a spin round and fuel, the airbag light is still off (See other thread), but within 200 yards of leaving the fuel station the engine management light came back on. Three or four restarts when back home and the fault cleared.

Oh the joys of Citroen Berlingo ownership...

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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