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PN53 OVX - 2.0HDi Forte
Mine (passed on now) was a 53 plate facelift 2.0HDi Forte with optional air con, uprated alternator and additional battery located in the boot with additional 12v power points in the boot and 240v 1000w power in the cabin to power the on board computers and defibrillator.
Also fitted with GPS and Telemetry it was used for the first three years as an out of hours emergency medical vehicle until I bought it off the place I work for.
[Image: seat.jpg]
Back seat - never sat upon for 3 years!
[Image: scratchedroof.jpg]
I had to respray the roof though..
[Image: donk.jpg]
The engine cover was in the back too - refitted with some new clips.
[Image: boot.jpg]
Spare battery on the right...
[Image: Marty72884.jpg]
Happy camper

So if anyone now owns PN 53 OVX then you have a car with rather a lot of uprated bits.
Nice to meet you Ted!

Where the heck did you work! 1000w power supply, defibrilator (sorry bad spelling), on board computer!

Tell me more Big Grin
Up until 12 months ago I was working for an emergency doctor service. You would be surprised what we got called out to! Hence the equipment. OVX was one of two vehicles used, OVW was its twin - OVW was decommissioned and sold on via the local Citroen dealer.

The on board computer (Win CE) was used to access medical records via the telemetry ( the lead for this is still under the back seat) and was attached to a small printer, there was also a PMR set up that could (via control) be linked into the telephone network - hence the little taxi like aerial on the back of the car.
Equipment designed to run on 240v was the computer, the defib and the nebuliser - the ECG and other equipment all had battery packs that would run off 12v.
We only sold the Blingo on because we needed 7 seats - I would like another one.
Very itneresting read. Are you a trained paramedic yourself i assume then?

The Berlingo was a good choice then for what it was needed for. Good size, high (enough) speed, good economy and cheap to run overall.
No, Im a nurse ( been a nurse for 20 odd years now) Background was A&E, Intensive care, Orthopods and then community and for the out of hours service too.

The Berlingo was brilliant for the OOH service, excellent size, comfort, economy was about 35MPG around town, about 43MPG if we stretched its legs a bit (dropping quite drastically if we used the roof box on it, but not if we towed the trailer). They were replaced with Picassos which were never as popular or as practical, and when their 3 years was up they went back to Berlingo's again.

For me it was brilliant - we had a Xantia with the 2.0HDi, but with sproglett number 3 on the way I wanted something with 3x 3 point seatbelts in the back. This did the trick. It also swallowed a twin pram and at the time a maxi-buggy for the eldest who has special needs and was going through his "not walking" stage.

Sproglett number 4 meant buying a 7 seater (at the time I was running a 550 Kwakka motorbike for myself).

2 years ago a "Tarmac-sky-tarmac-sky-tarmac-ambulance" moment had me having some "Steve Austin" style rebuilding of my arm and the wife putting her foot down about me having a motorbike, so I bought a Micra. Which is fine, but bland. So Im now after a Blingo again, but I want one with a full length sunroof.
Hi there father ted nice to hear your berlingo story.
I am with you on the full sunroof berlingo they do look kind of cool.(is that an option on the mk3 i wonder).Fully understand the motorbikes to sold mine last year,weird to be without one after 26 years of riding,mind you the other half did let me replace it with a little sports car so it wasn,t all bad.
Hope you find a really cool bingo with your sunroof.
[Image: !B4PBHd!B2k~$(KGrHqN,!gsEyGkd2qPCBMpHpNHFnQ~~_3.JPG]

would have been perfect. But I missed it and it was rather a long way away for me to collect.
Bumhats :-(
Hello father ted,

New to the forum today and only had my (The wife's) 2.0HDI Berlingo Multispace Forte for 3 weeks on a '54 plate.

Yours seems well kitted out but I don't need all of that as I have my own Internal Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) fitted by virtue of having suffered a cardiac arrest some 6 years ago. Recently han my 2nd defib fitted.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Wow andy, do people need a 'license' to use one of them with some training or something? And just purely out of interest, do you need to let the DVLA know of such an attack?
DVLA ruling is 6 months mandatory driving ban after implantation.
If no "therapies" or life threatening episodes detected in that 6 mth period then clearance given to resume driving but debarred from driving LGV (HGV) or PSV's for life. If anything happens subsequently then it is a 12 mth cessation of driving.
Device is located in my upper left chest midway between my clavicle and my left man-boob and the wires go into my heart.
Device acts as a pacemaker and also automatically detects episodes of V/F and/or cardiac arrest, when this occurs it swings into action and it is like being hit in the chest by Frank Bruno. Every 12 weeks the device is interogated and events downloaded to a computer for analysis. Currently in A/F but device does not do anything for that.

P.S. Thankfully the electronics on my impanted device seem to be a lot more reliable than the electronic management system on my Berlingo 2.0HDI

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Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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