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Should I buy Citreon Berlingo with a clunky back end
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to buy a small van and just went to see a 2011 Citroen Berlingo today. It mostly seemed good (my budget's not big (£3k) so it's got a fair few miles on the clock and I know I'll be taking a risk with whatever I buy due to age and mileage). The dealer seemed honourable and like he knew what he was talking about. It drives well.

The only thing is this clunking noise from the back. I noticed it more when driving slower, though that could be to do with the background noise. He told me it's just the rear axle torsion bar and that it's just because there wasn't weight in the back of the van and that the noise would disappear when there was weight in the back of the van. How concerned should I be?

Also, he's got some other 2011 Citroen Berlingos in the yard that are double the cost. He tells me that's the case simply becuase they are the more modern body, where as the one I've looked at is the older square body - apparently there were a few years where they overlapped production and the old one is valued much lower. My fear is that the one I've looked at is there at reduced cost because of the clunking noise.

Any advice gratefully received. Just trying not to buy something which will cost me loads of money, even though I know buying an older van is always going to cost you a bit each year.

Thanks, Ben
Could be no more than the man says, but if he's right then take a ride out in one of the other ones that he has for sale - they should clunk as well. 
I'd be very cautious as it could become expensive to fix if it is a problem (recon axle plus the fitting.....)
I think the van version of the M59 was produced for a while after the car stopped.
What version of the Berlingo is it, M59 or B9?
M59 has torsion bar suspension and a trailing arm that is prone to bearing failure.
How long is the MOT, any advisories, will the dealer put a new MOT on for you?
Check average online prices for both body models. I'd be suspicious - it seems he wants rid.

The most recent vid on the Salvage Rebuild UK YT channel (put up earlier today) features a Berlingo van in its first half - sadly not for sale - and an 05 Vauxhall Combo van in its second half, which they will offer for sale on Instagram very soon at £1250. It might get you out of a tight hole?
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts, really useful. 

I've decided not to buy it, so the search continues...
(28-01-2022, 04:36 PM)BenS123 Wrote:  Thanks everyone for your thoughts, really useful. 

I've decided not to buy it, so the search continues...

Good decision!
Good luck with the search.
The projectfearn youtube channel has done a couple of Berlingos with broken rear axles:

If you read the comments some people have had similar issues. When someone asks what the first symptoms are, the projectfearn guy says it's a clunking noise from the back......
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Budget for £400 or so for recon axle .take that into consideration .

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