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[Engine] 1,6 Hdi just don’t start
My 2008 1,6 diesel has been very reliable. But a few weeks ago it was harder and harder to get it to start. Suddenly it didn’t start at all. The start motor works fine.

The big service was coming up so I started checking some things.
Change the fuel filter
Change the air filter
Change EGR valve (was coming up anyway)

With everything out from the engine I checked the glove-plugs with Ohm-meter and one was strange. So I changed all 4 to new ones.

With everything back in place it will still not start… I have pre-filled the fuel filter and bleed the fuel system for 15 minutes using the hand pump.

The battery has been disconnected for a long time. Anything that has to be reset?

I think I got everything back alright. Of course I could have done something wrong. I’m just a happy amateur.

What can I do to check if it’s the fuel or the glove-plugs that’s the problem? Or anything else?

All the best, Magnus.

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Hdi engines don't need glow plugs to start unless it's way below zero so it won't be them.

Best thing you can do is get a fault code reader and see what's going on. Most likely fuel pressure or compression issues if it gradually got worse. Hdi fuel pressure required is very high. Around 300 bar at idle. Maybe 260 while cranking.

Testing either is not easy without garage equipment.

Is it high mileage? (Thinking ring / bore wear)

Does it crank at high enough speed to actually start? You say the starter is good but a diesel needs a high cranking speed to generate enough pressure to ignite diesel.

Just a few thoughts. You likely won't solve it on a forum though.

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Thank you for your answer. I could check with a new battery (have one at home) maybe that increase the crank Speed?

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Possibly yes.

Gone but not forgotten:
2012 B9 HDi van
2007 M59 HDi van
Didn’t helped…

had my friend over (professional mechanic). He tried with start-gas and then the motor started.

So the compression should be ok!?

Then we noticed that no diesel is getting in to the cylinder. Guess I have to have special equipment to check if there is any leaks in the fuel system?

Is there any other way to check the fuel pump.


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You can check the fuel rail pressure (and other fault codes) via OBD
Tank you. Is that possible even when the car doesn’t start?

I have tried with my OBD but it just say Link error. Maybe wrong model?

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Is there an immobiliser issue? Key fault, flashing key dashboard icon etc. But most likely air getting into the fuel, or a blocked tank breather kind of issue. Split leakback pipes, cracked filter housing, bad fuel pressure regulator...crank sensor....

OBD readers should get basic engine codes only. Ignition must be on when reading...

Gone but not forgotten:
2012 B9 HDi van
2007 M59 HDi van
(19-02-2022, 05:46 PM)Zion Wrote:  OBD readers should get basic engine codes only. Ignition must be on when reading...

The OBD reader will also get other data in addition to the Pnnn (Powertrain) codes via the correct app such as Torque. It should work on a 2008 vehicle. As Zion says, it will need the ignition on.
Still hasn’t been able to start the car. OBD2 reader do not find any codes.

Tried to losen the fuel supply at the cylinder. No diesel is coming when the start engine works.

Does this car has a mechanical or an electrical fuel pump?

Berlingo 2008. 1,6 diesel.

If mechanical it should come diesel at the cylinder when the start engine is on shouldn’t it??? Then it has to be the fuel pump? Right?

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