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Fuel filter change
Hi guys hoping you can help again. Hubby has changed the fuel filter on my 2006 1.6 tdi and has primed it until his fingers nearly dropped off, but it still won’t start ? he has drained two batteries and is getting rather cross. Any ideas on what to do would be welcome. Thanks
The one way valve in the priming bulb may not be working correctly, can you notice the bulb getting firm after priming for a while or does it always just feel the same.

If there's no difference in feel you may have to remove the filter and fill it with fuel.

You could try the old trick of spraying easy start or carb / brake cleaner into the intake to get it to fire which can help pull the fuel through.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Certainly as above and also check that the filter and seal are correctly seated and the cover sits down well - air leak will allow fuel to drain back into the tank.
I'd remove it and start again from scratch.

On my 1.6 Hdi there is a portion of the filter that is swapped over onto the new one.

I use Mahle filters and these come with new O Rings in the box, did your filter come with some ? if so did you fit them to the new filter ?

Anyway I'd remove and refit in case you have a bad joint.

My primer located horisontally behind the engine pumps away and you can hear the fuel being moved around and whilst it firms up a little it never gets any firmer.

By the way there is a plastic screw on the top of the filter ( on mine ) maybe worth checking it is screwed down fully.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Thanks everyone, he’s going for take two??
Take two is the best approach to begin with as it is free of cost and may provide a cure, it would be a shame to pay a garage when there is no reason, it is likely a mechanic in the garage would fit a new filter to provide a known datum to start from. As I say why pay twice if you don't have to.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Thank you all did a take two but it was still the same? friend just plugged it in reset the brain and it started first time ? it’s running as it should now however; after stoping and restarts the light has come back on ? do you think it will clear itself or will I have to have it reset again ?
Try another reset first you may be lucky.
Can the friend read the fault code ?
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Thanks I’ll ask him to do another reset when the weather improves, it’s vile out there? think I’ll get hubby to change the cam sensor in the mean time can’t do any harm hey ??
I maybe missing something but what light comes back on? . A new cam sensor fitted for what ?.

Throwing new parts at it randomly is just a waste of money. Get your friend to note the code that comes up if any .

There is plenty of fuel in the tank I presume
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