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What they never told me, UREA light, Engine management light and the Warning Triangle
66 Plate 1.6 blue Hdi van. 

Last week after 42,000 miles the Urea Light came on, then the engine management light, then the warning triangle and the message that I had 730 miles left before the engine shut down.

First port of call filling up with Adblue. It was fairly full. What I hadn't been told when I bought the van was the Adblue system was 'retrofitted' for Euro 6 emissions compliance with a few alterations and there was a small secret black tank fitted underneath on the offside. This tank dosed the DPF on a regular basis to burn off all the contaminants. 

It turns out the location of the DPF means that on shorter journeys and some longer journeys it struggles to get hot enough so it needs a helping hand. Once the computer had gone through X number of doses it tells you it is time for a refill by saying there is a fault go see your dealer and get it fixed. There is no separate warning light for this on my van.

The fact that I sometimes do a lot of short stop and start journeys reduced the length of time the magic DPF fluid lasted, apparently it should last up to 70,000 miles, I managed to get 42,000.

Luckily my independent local garage knew exactly what it was. He reached under the car, tapped the magic box and said 'empty'. They refilled it, about a litre, for what I consider a very reasonable two figure price.

Of course, being Citroen you then need to reprogram the software to clear the fault, which was done and it was noticed that a Nox sensor error had also appeared. With both faults cleared I drove away. I was warned that the Nox sensor would be a little temperamental until the DPF cleaned itself.

The following day the engine management light came on again. After 25 miles it went out. Sorted.

What amazed me was the lack of information with regard to this fault. There were so many people with this taken to the cleaners by the dealerships for exactly the same problems charged for new Adblue pumps and all sorts.

I really struggled to find a thread on it, maybe it's been done before but I thought I'd write about it.
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Search for ad blue or eloys , there are lots of posts
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Sounds like you have one of those 'mystery' engines that were fitted with Adblue & EOLYS. The EOLYS fluid is quite expensive, at least £30 per litre so your garage bill is quite reasonable, a less honest / knowledgeable garage could have charged a lot more. Resetting the tank level by diagnostic software is normal on Fords, Volvos & probably others so nothing unusual in that.
Thanks for taking the time to post the explanation. Many others have asked for help, then not bothered to follow up.

What's the name of the garage you used?
Definitely an engine fitted with both Adblue and Eolys.

When I bought the car to the garage he had a Peugeot up on the ramp with the same problem..

They refilled the Eloys tank with a pump.

The Garage is MITCHELLS in Saltney, no nonsense and honest.

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