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Berlingo XL Puretech 1.2 hight fuel consumption
Hey guys, just bought my new Berlingo and I love it. I have so far only driven it for 100 km, half of it on a motorway, however I am a bit concerned as the fuel consumption is rather high, (11.2 l/100 km). I am the second owner, the car only has 23.000 km so far. Has any of you encountered a similar issue? Is this something I should worry about, have the car checked? I drive economicaly so I don't think that should be an issue.
I reckon about 22 miles to a gallon , am I right?, if so something is wrong . It should have settled down at that mileage. (approx 2.5 gallons to 62 miles )

Is it a diesel or petrol ?

Possibly a fuel leak somewhere
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(18-03-2022, 08:22 AM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Is it a diesel or petrol ?

Puretech is always petrol.
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I think you need to drive more to set the computer, I have the same engine, computer says 44 miles to the gallon, been like that for about a year whatever the driving conditions are... do more distance and see if it gets better?
First thing I'd do is check if the fuel consumption actually is high, or whether it's just the computer that thinks it is.  You can measure consumption 'manually' by waiting until the low fuel light comes on, noting what the odometer reading is when it does so, put in some fuel and note how much you put in, then wait until the low fuel light comes on again and make a note of the odometer reading again. Subtract the first reading from the second one and that'll be the distance travelled on that amount of fuel.
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The on-board computer is an idiot. You should only measure the consumption by fill-up and mileage calculation. I had mine show ridiculous numbers while the actual consumption was normal. I noticed that the trip meter (never reset since new) was 9999 and the average consumption display was at V8 level. This had happened in a month or so since I last checked the numbers. After the reset everything worked fine.
2021 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8 L2 XTR Gris Platinum
ex: 2003 1.4i cargo
The car has done 23000km, you've done 100km. The average fuel consumption shown is what the previous owner was doing. You've not gone far enough to have an effect on that reading.
Maybe he/she never went on long trip with it and it was nearly all local to the shops etc and there's no saying what the traffic conditions were like.

Reset the average mileage as advised and while you're about it, reset the trip meters as well.
Do what others have said regarding checking full to full.
Drive again on the motor way at a normal, reasonable speed with the computer reading set to the 'instant fuel consumption' and when cruising watch it go up and down. If it's reading 11 or 12 or so you'll be going steadily uphill.
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My 1.2 puretech Peugeot Rifter XL does 45mpg on average , very happy with that for such a big car with 7 seats and no diesel

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