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Mk1? Mk2? Mk3?
I'm not a big car-watcher. If someone asked me what sort of car I had I can't get much beyond "Nissan" or "Citroen".  I can usually do make and model, but the different levels of specification just confuses me.  I am just entering the market for a Berlingo with a view to creating a "micro-camper" to allow fuss free lightning camping visits to some of my favourite areas - Scottish Highlands, Wales, Lake District.  I am constrained by budget and am trying to balance age, mileage and spec. I have just discovered that Berlingos may be Mk1, Mk2 or Mk3.  What is the difference and what implications does it have on the vehicle as a micro-camper?

Thanks everyone.
They don't really have Mk1 etc. they are in generations and there are more than 3 of them now M49, M59, B and K.
So where does this bit go then ?
The link is useful, but also confirms what I'm talking about - there are a whole list of variations on the website, but no mention of M49, B9, K9 etc.

Anyone know whether the different generations are better/worse in terms of camping in? I suppose I'm just thinking about the length for sleeping. Do they all have the same distance between the rear seats and the back door?
From personal experience, the M49 & M59 cars (not sure about vans) are smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside than the B9 due to having less trim & insulation. The B9 is much more like a car to drive. None of the above will allow a bed longer than about 1.7M without moving / tilting the seats.
The newest K9 variant also has an 'XL' version which will allow a bed close to 1.9/2M long in the back.

You can compare the B9 & K9 here:
I have had all 4 versions over the last 20 odd years and we currently have an M59 based Romahome camper and a K9 Vauxhall Combo Life car.

I have enjoyed them all and wouldn't say any was better or worse. The M49/M59 are smaller than the B9/K9

The K9 looks longer than the B9 but looking at the specs there only seems to be 2.5 cm difference

That's great, thanks everyone. So, a vehicle advertised on Autotrader as "1.6HDVi VTR Multispace MPV 5dr" would be a what: B9???
That description doesn't indicate the model AFAIK.

Look at the pics. The M49 has narrow catlike headlights. The M59 looks very similar to the M49 but has 'Mr Blobby' headlights. The B9 has some of the design fashion called 'kinetic' which means more angular corners; you can see it in the rear quarterlights for example.

Then there's the car's year. M59 went up to 2008 then the B9 took over, but a few M59s were still being sold in 2009.
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XTR (top features level) / VTR (lesser features level) are B9 (2008-2018) variants only, AFAIK. The later K9 (2018-on) has Flair XTR, Flair and Feel feature levels. Over the years there have been some special editions with yet again different combinations of features. Some of the feature levels may have a bearing on the vehicles suitability for camping depending on your needs. For example the B9 XTR has the OEM aero roof bars, 3 separately removable rear seats and the central storage bin that the VTR does not, some (not all) XTR's also have the opening rear window.
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Berlingo Wiki

Scroll down, see all the models & years & trims.
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