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electric window switch removal
There is one thread on how to do this job and have done the screw removal ok.

But I cannot budge the switch plate 1:38 secs on the video, the right side lug is now more like a hinge.

My fingers aren't the strongest now as I have rheumatoid arthritis .

Any tips please as the drivers side switch is knackered and wobbling, and works in mysterious waysSmile

Also this video[video=youtube][/video]
2009 1.6HDI with AC
Update: There was a third screw not shown on the video to the right of the gear stick, removed that and then constructive brute force.

Looks like a activating pin has broken off in the mechanical part of the switch, but on testing it seems like it might be a back up as I can get the windows top go up and down but this is using the rubber pad as I have to get the switch back into the rocker and reassemble.

A tip.... when the plate is out put a piece of card or something to block the hole underneath otherwise things drop right down and to far for fingers or pliers.

blue tack on the end of a stick picked up the switch ok but the rubber pad is still to be retrieved, need a pea stick.
2009 1.6HDI with AC
The lugs for the rocker switch were broken hence the wobbly switch, not fixable so ordered one of eBay for £9 and paid a fiver for fast delivery as against £64 from Citroen, exactly the same switch.

Now works perfectly.

Another tip which I can't remember where I read it.

To make life a lot easier remove the lower part of the surround (near to the console) one visible screw each side to remove the small side panel which then reveals a hidden screw each side, remove this screw each side and the whole surround comes out easy.

This enable the switch plate to be removed without a struggle.

As to the sprung screw plated several were a loose fit and kept dropping out, a smidgeon of blue tac between the plate and it stays in place while screw is inserted.
2009 1.6HDI with AC

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