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Clattering noise
My old 2008 berlingo van (old shape) makes a clattering noise. 

It started immediately after the clutch was changed by an incompetent mechanic (more on this later).  It is most noticeable from inside the van (I can't really hear it when outside, over the noise of the engine), and seems to come from the engine bay, perhaps the driver's footwell sort of area (difficult to be precise).

The noise is worst on ignition, and on idling.  It disappears when in gear (it stops when biting point is reached), and if i rev the engine when not in gear it seems to disappear too.  The noise also varies in intensity, from kind of a flakka-dakka-dakka to a low rattle Big Grin .

Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this, or where to start looking?
Could be that the mechanic rested the weight of the gearbox on the clutch cover release 'fingers' and damaged them, and this in turn can damage the release bearing. It certainly sounds clutch related, given your various 'tests'. 
Probably needs the gearbox out to verify. good luck!
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Thanks for the info, oilyrag. Here's some more info about my experience with the mechanic, which may be relevant but I didn't put in my opening post as I didn't want to make it too long and boring to read:

The clutch had started slipping, and my usual garage was busy for a couple of weeks, so I found another garage to do it. When the work was done, the guy said that there had been an issue with (something along the lines of) a rubber bush on the gears had debonded? and that he'd effected a repair.

The noise described above was noticeable immediately on ignition. Also there was a lot of free pay on the clutch pedal, with the biting point being noticeably low. After driving it for about 2 miles, the gear stick dislocated, with it stuck in neutral and was impossible to put back in any gear.

Very long story short, the van was towed back to the garage, where, despite promises, it sat doing nothing for nearly a month before i recovered it and had it towed to my usual garage. They fixed the gearstick problem (it needed a new gear linkage, and another part) but haven't have time to investigate the clutch.

The remaining problems don't seem to affect the performance of the van - it runs ok, gear change is smooth etc.
The de-bonding bit was probably around part of the gear linkage and the first garage had bodged it, and it failed straight away. Fixed by second garage. The clutch, with a low biting point and potentially the rattle from the same region, has also been repaired poorly. It is unlikely to do any great damage with the rattle,  and you have the choice to use it as it is and get the most out of the replacement clutch or get the reliable garage to drop the gearbox out and inspect - it may simply be a damaged/broken release bearing and the cost will be reasonable. As with all clutch work, the labour will exceed the parts cost!
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Thanks again oilyrag, really appreciate it. I intend to sell the van soon (have recently bought a '15 berlingo), had it been a relatively easy fix then I would have had a go at it. From what you've described, it's likely to be hard work/money, so I'll leave it as it is, and adjust the asking price accordingly.
Apart from the points mentioned by oilyrag are the engine mountings OK, especially the lower one underneath the engine ?
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(25-04-2022, 07:26 AM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Apart from the points mentioned by oilyrag are the engine mountings OK,  especially the lower one underneath the engine ?

I don't know.  Is there a way to check these without dismantling?

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