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[Transmission] Drive shaft popped out, have I damaged a seal?
Hi folks.

My front left spring broke so I decided to change it out this morning. Everything came apart reasonably easily but while dropping the hub to get the strut out the drive shaft popped out at the gearbox end. About 0.5l oil came out before I realised, I popped it back in and the oil stopped.

Have I damaged anything at the gearbox end? Seals etc?

This is the first time I've changed a spring so didn't know what to look out for.

I'll change the gearbox oil now that it needs topped up anyway but I need to know if it will leak out again.

It's a 5 speed manual, done about 65k miles. 56 plate 1.9D.

2006 Berlingo Enterprise 1.9D
Unlikely to have done any harm and I've done the same more than once as everything gets to a critical point at the same time. Take a short drive around the block and see if there are any leaks - give the area a wipe off first. If all is well, then do the oil change.
Good luck!
Thanks, that's a relief. I'm waiting for the new spring to be delivered. I'll take your advice once it's all back together.
Same thing happened to me once, I pushed the driveshaft back in a rush and damaged the seal, but with care they can be put back in without causing damage so you have a good chance of being ok. The only way to be sure is to put some more oil in, and the only way to be sure you have the right amount is to either drain and refill, or use the level plug which is on most of the older boxes. If you've not changed the oil before, now is a good time (as mentioned above), rather than mix old & new so if you do have a broken seal, you can re-use the new oil. On the left / passenger side, the seal is not too difficult to replace.
I now use cable ties to hold the shaft in the gearbox whenever possible...

IIRC, the gearbox will take 1.9L of oil. I've always used Total oil which I last bought from eBay...
I've replaced both springs and looks like I have no leaks. I'm about to change the gearbox oil fully then go on a 150 mile drive. I'll check again afterwards, hopefully all is ok.
Good news & good luck with the oil change - it pays to be patient as the filling can be slow  Sad

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