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Petrol Berlingo / Combo Life / Rifter prices
The demand for petrol 7 seaters up to 3 years old has been higher, there is simply very few proper big 7 seaters available in the UK.

The SUV 7 seaters do not have the same demand from families as the boots are considerably smaller than Van based MPVs or big MPVs like the Seat Alhambra or Ford Galaxy.

If anyone is planning to sell their petrol 7 seater Berlingo / Combo Life / Rifter make sure you shop around as you will get a far better price on the likes of motorway where dealers understand the demand for petrol 7 seaters then the likes of we buy any car which will price your vehicle at £200 more than the 5 seater version.

I got this info from my local Peugeot dealer as I enquired if a new Rifter 7 seater petrol could be ordered, sadly not, electric only.
Hi there, I am new to this forum and this is my first message. I agree with you, petrol 7 seaters in UK numbers are decreasing.

I bought 12 months ago a Mercedes GLB 200 thinking to be able to use as minivan and occasionally with passengers... this occasionally does not happen much since we don't have kids, so I am now thinking to sell it and get a Berlingo XL van, and I was surprised to find out that the car is worth the same amount of money I put into it as deposit.
Shop around. I traded in my last 2012 Berlingo for a 2014 Ford ST and was told the market was "soft" on the Berlingo and it was worth half of what I'd paid for it. Whereas the market was "hot" on ST's so that's why it was worth nearly 4 times the trade in I was being offered on the Berlingo.

1 year later, I go to trade in the ST against a 2017 Berlingo...guess what, most dealers said the market was "soft " on ST's and "hot" on Berlingos....

One offered £3200 and another £6000 - guess which one I went with. A lot of Bull-Plop is talked by some in the motor trade, while others are straight up genuine. Get a price from Motorway (as said by others) and then use that as a benchmark, prepared to go down a wee bit, as even an honest man has to eat too. But if you get a shyster who offers a lot less, then walk away. There are a lot of vehicles out there to choose from.
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
The demand for late model Berlingos, Rifters and Combo life's in petrol and diesel form is high since new ones cannot be bought.

Dealers will always tell you that th car you are trading in is not in demand but the car you want to buy is in short supply

I found insurance an issue for 7 seats with my now stripped down land rover. I could fix in 7 seats no problem but on comparison sites the cost of insurance for it as a 5 seater was a fraction of price as a 7 seater
Kieran, my classic land rover is insured for 7 seats without any problem on a classic car insurance policy but I have heard that insurance is high on 7 seat Berlingos etc - the excuse apparently is the position of the rear seats in relation to the rear of the vehicle.

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Thanks. When I eventually get mine back together I'll look into classic insurance. I only started out intending to swap the engine now I have a pile of parts

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