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Knocking noise from front
Within the last couple of days a knocking noise has developed on my K9, coming from somewhere to the front of the driving position (I can't pinpoint the location - could be under the bonnet or around the front axle area, and it seems to be more to the nearside rather than offside). It makes it much of the time while driving, and is particularly prompted by going over bumps in the road surface. Initially I thought it was a ladder on the roofrack that was banging, but it still made the noise after I removed the ladder.  Has anyone experienced anything like this, or is there something visible I could be looking for?  I have booked it into my nearest dealer for an inspection tomorrow, though they will charge a £99 investigation fee if it's not immediately visible and not warranty-related.
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
Spare van:    2001 1.9 600d Berlingo
Verdict from the dealer: some bolts fixing the nearside front drop links had become slightly loose, resulting in a bit of movement and hence the knocking sound. They tightened the bolts and also the offside ones to the correct spec. No charge. Apparently not a recognised design flaw and they said they might not have been sufficiently tightened in the factory. If that's the case, I hope all the other bolts on the vehicle weren't fitted by the same factory guy.

When I arrived the dealer said the vehicle is under warranty and there wouldn't be a charge unless I'd damaged something - a more reassuring approach than the info I was given when I booked it in (apparently when a vehicle is booked in by phone through a central call centre, the operators there always give the spiel that it might cost £99 just to diagnose the problem, even though this is unlikely to be the case in reality).
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
Spare van:    2001 1.9 600d Berlingo

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