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Advice on a few things please...
Hi guys, 

Would really appreciate your feedback! 

Had a few problems and they may or may not be related, but I'm hoping they are so it's one fix.

Let me list them and see what you think...

1. Offset steering wheel (Not Tracking as has been adjusted twice)

2. Shaking steering wheel when breaking.

3. Loud creaky crunch drivers side by wheel when pulling away under load and breaking. Worse when turning. ( Just had CV joint replaced so its not that )

Any help would be greatly appreciated and hopefully it's not to big a deal.

It's a 1.6hdi 2009 M59 shape.

Thanks all!
My little beauty...2009 M59 Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi (90bhp)
FWIW I had shaky steering and it was knackered tie rod ends.
Certainly as Beno says it could be joint related. Try popping the track rod end joints off and see how the joints feel - they should be tight, but move smoothly - slide a piece of tube over the stud and lever the joint side to side. Also, with the end out see how the whole track rod moves with regard to steering rack - again there should be smooth movement and the rod shouldn't flop down, which would indicate wear in the steering rack/track rod joint. The creaking & cracking could well be a dry track rod end.
Whilst you are there you can also remove the drop links, which wear out very quickly but wouldn't affect steering, but would clatter.
Top strut steering bearing.
It sits at the top of the suspension/steering strut.

It takes all the load and allows steering to work smoothly.

It allows the road spring to rotate freely and if worn and sticking the road spring tries to twist round in its seating causing noises.

Can cause the road spring to weaken and break early.
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And finally the offset steering wheel just means it's been taken off and not been put back in the right position, if the tracking is correct. Easy to fix. Drive forwards and backwards a few feet at a time without touching the wheel so the caster action self-centres it, stop, disconnect the battery and after a few minutes pull the airbag and wheel off, re-center and refit.
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That's all great, thanks guys, I'll check those points out. As always, I'm mightly impressed with the amount of knowledge you guys have! Really appreciate it!
My little beauty...2009 M59 Peugeot Partner 1.6hdi (90bhp)
If the tracking been adjusted and the wheel is offset I would say that they've done the adjustment on one side instead of doing both sides equally.

Shaking steering wheel when braking - worn/distorted discs?
My van: 2008 Berlingo 1.6 HDi Enterprise - a bit ratty!

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