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most powerful berlingo multispace is ....?

I've just joined the forum so hello to all of you.

I've got a 2004 multispace 1.9 diesel - non-aspirated - 

I've had it 11 years, it's great, it's been used on lots of camping trips and has never let me down.....

But the problem is

I've recently bought a lightweight caravan - trigano 310 weighing in at 750kg, so a light caravan.

I've just returned from a 1000 mile trip to France and back with the caravan. Most of the time - when you get up to speed - the berlingo is fine - but when you're obliged to start a long incline from either low speed or a standing start it struggles big time !!

Junction 11 on the M3, joining to head north on the way home showed me that it was a safety issue as well - going manfully through the gears from the standing start at the traffic lights on the slip road I was managing about 35-40 mph in 3rd gear as I approached the main carriageway.

Fortunately traffic made way for me and I was able to trundle onwards, but it's not something I'd want to do again !

My berlingo is rated at about 70 BHP.

I've read that citroen produced a 110 BHP multispace between 2008 and 2012 the 1.6 HDi 110 XTR.

Am I right? Is this the most powerful model ?

Hope I haven't bored you and look forward to getting any replies,


The electric one is 134bhp I think Wink

I can vouch for the 2.0HDi, previous owner of mine did a lot of towing and was happy. I think it's 90hp
Thanks very much Ben,

The 2.0 HDi would be great for me from the point of view of fitting my bikes + camping gear in ie identical to my present car.

Is there more than one version of 2 litre hdi. The 'same' engine in my sister's 2005 Dispatch is rated at around 120 hp I think.
i've got a 90bhp Berlingo 1.6 hdi Plus model which i use to tow a Bailey Pursuit II 400/2 which has a payload value of about 1000kg and we've happily towed it to northern Scotland & back twice. It's ok but I have to push the engine particularly on hills, I'd prefer a bit more welly. So, if changing I'll look for another diesel Berlingo with 110 or 120 bhp. I've also explored the possibility of remapping my current one to increase its power and torque (power to say 110bhp or so. If you search using remapping you should pick up this thread. I haven't done this (yet) but may do so later this year. If I do I'll report its impact on the forum.
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IIRC, there's a 110 BHP version of the 1.6d engine, but perhaps only available on the B9? The 120BHP 2.0 is a newer engine than the one fitted to the M59, so a remap would be needed.
I've had 1.6l 110 & 100PS versions of the B9 and now have 1.5l 100PS version of the K9 and I cant really say that I noticed much difference between any of these in pulling power. I'm judging this based on how it climbs long hills as I don't tow anything heavy.
The K9 range includes a 130PS Diesel and 120PS Petrol engines, the higher output engines are accompanied by a 6-speed gearbox.
2019 Multispace BlueHDi 100 Flair Nimbus Grey Met
The 2.0HDI as fitted to the M59 is 90hp and doesn't have an intercooler. Higher output versions of this engine in other models do have the intercooler.

HDI tuning do a stage1 remap to 130(IIRC) hp
Stage2 is higher hp but requires an intercooler.

It's a good engine - perhaps the only issue is the turbo is an old school non VGT (variable geometry) and only starts producing boost from ~1800rpm upwards. It's a bit flat below that.
I keep contemplating remapping mine with HDI tuning but haven't got round to it yet.
2004 Peugeot Escapade 2.0HDI. 83k miles
2004 Volvo V70 2.4  200k miles
2011 Volvo XC90 215k miles
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Thanks for clarifying that. I used the Dispatch to tow one of the M49 Berlingos on a trailer when the wheel bearing collapsed. That version of 2.0 hdi does pull really well. Like Kyleonsite commented there is a flat spot before turbo kicks in though
(20-06-2022, 08:33 AM)Kieron G Wrote:  Thanks for clarifying that. I used the Dispatch to tow one of the M49 Berlingos on a trailer when the wheel bearing collapsed. That version of 2.0 hdi does pull really well. Like Kyleonsite commented there is a flat spot before turbo kicks in though

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