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M49 to M59 engine swap
Hi all,

I’d like to put a 2-litre HDi from an M49 into an M59 2-litre HDi. 

Is it a simple engine swap - or will I face issues with wiring / differing BSI locations etc?

Thanks in advance!

I'm pretty certain the M49 models never had a BSI at all and the M59s do, so not sure how different the engine harness will be (bearing in mind the BSI doesn't control any engine functions - that's the job of the Injection Calculator - engine ECU to you and me) so make sure the injector brand is the same on both engines (Bosch vs Siemens etc) at very least, or you would likely have big problems controlling the injectors - and also on the M49 the throttle will be cable operated where the M59 could have been electronic (fly by wire) - it certainly was on the 1.6 HDi ones.
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The M59 2.0 has a 'hybrid' throttle cable arrangement. The pedal operates a cable which is linked to a resistor wheel up where the fuel injector pump was. Does your M49 have common rail injectors?
Shortly after I bought my M49 the battery kept going flat overnight, and the dealer said it was due to the BSI being faulty so they replaced it.  Maybe not all M49 engines had a BSI - perhaps not the XUD? My M49 has the non-turbo DW8, which is still pretty basic, so I'd assume the more sophisticated HDi would also have a BSI?
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The BSI controls central locking, speed dependent wipers, lighting control etc, but nothing on the engine at all.
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van - Build Thread 
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