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Outdoor Temperature Sensor Installation Please help...
Hello friends. I've been insane for a week. I installed an outside temperature sensor on my 2004 Model Peugeot partner vehicle, pulled the installation under the left mirror and entered the 8 and 18 pins of the 40V BA socket of the Bsi computer. By the way, I checked the sensor from the place that goes into the pin. See if there is a problem with the plumbing. It's nice, as the heat increases, the resistance increases, everything is fine. I went to the service to activate it with pp2000. But we cannot find the outside temperature sensor menu under the bsi menu. We barely turned on the screen. But on the screen there is a - -c form now. Probably because we couldn't open it from bsi. Friends, where will we find this menu on bsi? There is no place we haven't looked. Please help me. Thank you so much
There are some old threads on here about this, you will need to search for the exact information but from memory, the BSI needs to have a later firmware version for the outside temp sensor to work. I think 2004 may be too early.
(07-07-2022, 09:23 AM)cancunia Wrote:  Burada bununla ilgili bazı eski konular var, kesin bilgileri aramanız gerekecek, ancak bellekten, dış sıcaklık sensörünün çalışması için BSI'nin daha sonraki bir ürün yazılımı sürümüne sahip olması gerekiyor. Bence 2004 çok erken olabilir.

Thank you for your answer. is this software made with lexia? Do I need to change the bsi?
The BSI software version cannot be changed with Lexia, maybe Citroen or Peugeot could do it. But the BSI is paired with the ECU so it is not a simple task to change it.

Update: Added the word version, as it is for sure possible to make config changes to the BSI..
The activation of the temp sensor in Pug Partner is a bit weird in the Diagbox/PP2000. You would need Diagbox which will give you PP2000 (for Peugeot) and Lexia (for Citroen).

I cannot quite remember which needed changing, but there were two places in PP2000:
go to replacement parts->multifunction display->AMF->configuration of options. In configuration of options you will find "external temperature display" that will have either present or absent value. Change it to present.

2) ECU configuration and services->Test by ECU->Built-in systems interface->Configuration->Customer options->Passenger compartment. There is an option for external temperature sensor, again present/absent.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
(08-07-2022, 08:13 AM)saskak Wrote:  Pug Partner'da sıcaklık sensörünün aktivasyonu Diagbox/PP2000'de biraz garip. Size PP2000 (Peugeot için) ve Lexia (Citroen için) verecek olan Diagbox'a ihtiyacınız olacak.

Hangisinin değişmesi gerektiğini tam olarak hatırlayamıyorum, ancak PP2000'de iki yer vardı:
yedek parçalar->çok işlevli ekran->AMF->seçeneklerin konfigürasyonuna gidin. Seçeneklerin konfigürasyonunda, mevcut veya mevcut olmayan bir değere sahip olacak "harici sıcaklık göstergesi" bulacaksınız. Sunmak için değiştirin.

2) ECU konfigürasyonu ve hizmetleri->ECU ile test->Dahili sistem arayüzü->Konfigürasyon->Müşteri seçenekleri->Yolcu kompartımanı. Harici sıcaklık sensörü için yine mevcut/yok seçeneği mevcuttur.

Thank you very much for your answer. We have activated the option in the 1st part. it was not showing degrees on the screen. When I activated it, it started to write - - c on the screen. The problem is that; We cannot find the 2nd option in the PP2000. ECU configuration and services as you wrote->Test with ECU->Internal system interface->Configuration->Customer options->There is no outside temperature sensor in the passenger compartment menu. I'm starting to think this is a bsi issue.
If it is showing --C on the display it would mean that this is already activated in the BSI, but there is no connection to the temp sensor. Either there is a broken wire to the sensor or the pins used in the door loom are not correct. I would check the door loom which pins are used to connect the temp sensor. There was a thread on this and I can find it if you cannot see it.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
Post 21 from the above, maybe not firmware after all, but simply wiring needed.
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(08-07-2022, 03:03 PM)cancunia Wrote:
Post 21 from the above, maybe not firmware after all, but simply wiring needed.

Thank you for that cancunia, appreciated. As far as I remember, when I activated my temp sensor without having the temp sensor connected, I had the --C. Then when the sensor was connected it was showing the temperature. So, the sensor is correctly activated in the BSI, but the connection is somewhat bad and no info from the sensor is going to the BSI, likely to be a bad/broken sensor, wrong pins and so on.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
Thank you very much for your answers. Let me explain in detail then. In the 40v BA socket on the Bsi, pins 8 and 18 were empty in the mentioned socket. so there was no connection here. I added the pins here. I added 8 and 18 pins to the socket. I connected the cable directly to the bsi, not from the door socket. so I entered bsi directly from the sensor. By the way, I checked the sensor with the meter. It resists as the temperature rises. the sensor is working. bsi connector pins are correct. where am i doing wrong?

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