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MP3 in the M59.
Trying to work out the best way to get some mp3 ability into this thing.
Would any later stereos from the later Pugs & Citroens be a plug & play in the M59.
It would be nice to keep the dash display & steering wheel stalk controller if possible.
I have Lexia.
Any thoughts? Huh
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
(12-07-2022, 03:49 PM)müstehcen Wrote:  Bu şeye biraz mp3 yeteneği kazandırmanın en iyi yolunu bulmaya çalışıyorum.
Daha sonraki Pugs & Citroens'ten sonraki stereolar M59'da tak ve çalıştır olabilir mi?
Mümkünse, gösterge paneli ve direksiyon simidi kumandasını tutmak güzel olurdu.
Lexia'm var.
Düşüncesi olan var mı?Huh

What is the tape model? I had the rd3. I made a bluetooth adapter. There was an explosion in the sound during switching on and off. I give up. I activated the steering wheel control to my Pioneer stereo. screen unfortunately.
I had something like this
On my recently written off M59 based Romahome. It pugs into the port on the back of the radio where the external CD can be plugged in and it is configured through Lexia as though it is a CD player. I had it fitted for 14 years and used it to play mp3 music files. You can get something like 500music files on a standard memory card

Hmm, on further reading, rd3 was on VAN bus, & rd4 was the later CAN bus.
Changeover about the same time as my Pug was built, 55 plate so sept 2005 to feb 2006.
Simple just doesn't seem to happen.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
It is a long time ago but I seem to remember that I contacted them and gave them details of my vehicle and they advised which one was needed.

(12-07-2022, 08:00 PM)smutts Wrote:  Hmm, on further reading, rd3 was on  VAN bus, & rd4 was the later CAN bus.
Changeover about the same time as my Pug was built, 55 plate so sept 2005 to feb 2006.
Simple just doesn't seem to happen.

Just looking on the catalogue from the given link, looks like there could be,
rt3 van bus, rt3 can bus, rd4 van bus & rd4 can bus.

Urgh! I've got too old.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
Let's see if Peugeot Planet can shed some light on this.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
On closer inspection, looks to be the Clarion RD3.

£50 ish, might save much embuggerance.

Any thoughts?
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
If you simply want MP3 on a CD, there are some versions of the RD3 that will work. If you want USB or SD connections, that's another matter.
I bought a phono adapter for the CD changer socket and connected that to a Bluetooth amp which seems to work ok. The Yatour box you linked looks interesting.
The ebay offering is cheaper but the Xcar link has a very good support system including telephone.


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