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Cruise Control Retrofit - Van - Failed
Hello All,

New owner of a 2014 B9 Berlingo Van  - (after driving one through work, I really liked it so looked for my own) 

I am trying to retrofit Cruise Control only (No limiter) So I don't need the pedal and the stalk is the cruise only stalk (Part Number 96336889XT)

Dash LCD has the cruise symbol present, Brake switch and clutch switch present and working correctly.

However I get to the last bit of the process and the ECU says programming Failed!

Here's the process so far:

Installed the Stalk
Cut the Shroud to fit
Entered into BSI > Manual Configuration > Driving Assistance > Change "Presence and type of Cruise" to "Cruise Control"
Save Configuration - Result - "Configuration Performed"
Back up to then Enter the ECU 
ECU > Configuration > Downloading > Change "Cruise Control" from "absent" to "present" > Save Configuration > Switch off Ignition 30s 

When I turn the ignition back on after 30s it says "Programming Failed" and the cruise control still states "absent"

I am using an Autel Maxisys MS908S PRO - Which is a very powerful system, and has all the relevant menus available to do the retrofit. 

However I am wondering if a copy of Diagbox would have success. I Don't necessarily want to purchase it only to have the same programming Failed error.

Does anyone have any tips on what to look out for or double check to get the programming to work. 

I am in Wakefield - if any locals have Diagbox and wouldn't mind trying for me ? 

Cheers in advance

There have been problems with chinese cruise control parts.

The ones I tried would not work. even after configuring like you have done.

I ended up getting a used one from ebay and it worked first time.

I'm not sure what you mean by you " dont need the pedal ". what pedal.?

A search on here may give more clues but someone will be along soon that knows a lot more about the cruise control than I do.
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Posted this when I did it
Used second hand original stalk. The Diagbox 7.86 reset the BSI but had to go back to 7.62 to do the ecu . Works great? . Suspect you need diag not near you I’m afraid ?
Thanks Brodfather - I bought genuine used part, the chinese ones mostly have the limit switch as well - which I dont want hence not needing the pedal with limit switch.

OMG - thanks, I read that shortly after searching which is what makes me think I might need diagbox - not my autel… the thing thats annoying is that why would my autel give me access to the option of changing the ECU if its not going to do the job properly.

My fear is that if I spend money on a diagbox and cable - that it’s still not going to work for whatever reason and I’m just throwing money away.

Is there a list of people with diagbox that offer their help? So I can see who is my nearest person with it to give it a try?

Since my original post - I have tried the stalk and the little light comes on when I flick the switch but when I try set the speed - the two lines flash where the set speed would display
Just in case you're not aware.. You need to be driving at more than 30mph in 4th or 5th (or 6th) gear before the CC will activate.
That’s what mine did when the BSI part had worked but the ECU had not. Far as I know there is know such list. Maybe just put a call out in general forum for anybody in your area.
Try on the French Car Forum. I hate to say it but they have a database of people with Diagbox.

At the end of the day, you've gone this far. If it needs Diagbox - and I'm also certain it will - then not getting it done means you now have a useless stalk fitted which will generate concerns when time comes to sell, or you undo it all and the money you've already spent is still down the pan.

I have an Autel unit and a Foxwell NT530, they are good, but some functions definitely do not work like the OEM software (Diagbox) does when it comes to coding.
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The Peugeot forum also has a list, in fact I used their list to get my first Berlingo CC configured.,28.54248
Seems that there's also a FB group..

I found this after looking on the Pug Forum map, seems that you need to be a member of the above FB group to click on any details for any Pug Forum members that use the FB link on the map.
Confused? I certainly was!

Had to get the Mrs to use her Facebook account to message someone on Peugeot Planet with the Diagbox 7.57 nearest to me.

Great bloke - plugged it in and activated it in 10 mins!

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