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New private user
Hi all

Was searching for ways to remove the speed limiter on a recently purchased van and came across this site.

Suspect it will be useful.

I drive a peugot partner for work and figured that a better version is what was needed for personal use. Main interest is camping and so can load up the van without any real order unlike the previous car which had to be in a certain order to get stuff to fit.

The dealer managed to lose the manual and a pdf download is not as easy. Still got a few challenges with the controls, but hope to sort them out soon
Alas most people never get the speed limiter removed, they can be impossible to find or get around. Most ex gas or lease vans have limiters installed and I've yet to find a way round them or heard of anyone who has.

One guy stripped out the entire dash almost and still we couldn't identify the gadget responsible.

They're designed not be messed with.

Also worth noting the B9 is not classed as a car derived van even though it also comes as a car, because the van came first. So this means technically as it's a "panel van" then the car limit of 70 does not legally apply and you are not supposed to exceed 60. Can be fined for going over 60 on the motorway depending on which cops spot you, it's happened to me. Busted for doing 70 dead on, and the traffic cops were not taking any chat about it.

Maybe the limiter will enable you to keep your licence. Plus they eat fuel above 65-70.
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
Thanks for the info, no intention of dash removal in a futile search for the elusive kit

Goods vehicles (not more than 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight) 30 Built-Up Areas 50 Single Carriageways 60 Dual Carriageways 70 Motorways

I knew the vehicle was a van and not a car derived van and the above for the definitive answer

Going over 60 on the motorway in a berlingo is actually not a crime Smile, tend to end up around 60 mph usually
Sorry mate, of course you're right about motorways, it was a dual carriageway I was busted on. That's where you can't do 70 with the van, unlike the car version.

Pretty unfair actually, I think people with multispace cars and teepees etc should also not be allowed to do 70 on the dual carriageway.  Big Grin
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
Thanks for the information.

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