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[Steering & Suspension] Power steering temperamental
Afternoon all, hope you are well on this sunny Sunday.

I've got a Berlingo van 1.9d 2003 think it's the dw8 and the power steering pump went about 6 months ago, or so I believe. I've finally got round to replacing it, followed bleeding process, and yesterday it was working. Today is it not. 

Well, kinda. When the revs are up, to around the 3000rpm it does kick in, which makes me think that it's either a sensor or a blockage? 

If it is a sensor, where would the sensor be? If it is a blockage, how would I clear it? 

Or any other suggestions of things to try?

Thanks in advance. 
Sounds more like an air lock than a blockage - Try raising the front wheels off the ground and, with the engine running a reasonably high revs , repeatedly turn the steering lock to lock. Although the book says slowly I'd be tempted to have a few quicker goes to see if it dislodges any more air. 
Also check the belt tension is still tight.
^^ Yes do try the above it is a good method .... however being lazy I either put the wheels onto two pieces of cardboard or drive onto a convenient grass verge to work the wheel lock to lock.

Did I say I'm lazy ? well not really lazy its just the above is easier than dragging my hydraulic jack out of its slumber.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Thanks for the replys @oilyrag @geoff

I like the cardboard idea, I've got 2 offcuts of plywood that might do the job!

It seems better, but still not right, which makes me feel like I'm on the right track and maybe just need to persevere.

Must still be some air on there but had to give up for today before I annoying the whole road!

The (irish) method to move a wheel (or even a car) is to lay a plastic fertliser sack on the ground, a squirt of Fairy liquid and then another sack on top. You can slide a car on it, let alone turn a wheel.   If short of Fairy liquid then cow s**t works just as well. Confused
The UJ joint at the end of the steering column can become stiff with road dirt & grime. It's just about visible underneath. You could try the clean it with WD40 etc and then re-lubricate with chain spray grease as part of the turn-turn bleeding.
Did you replace it with a new pump or reconditioned. After having a starter pack in on me just out of warranty I am going to avoid reconditioned in future

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