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Servicing Dilemma
Hi all, the service light on my 2017 Multispace has started flashing and it has now counted down to 50 miles at the rate of 100 miles per day whether I use the car or not. Will anything dire happen when it reaches zero tomorrow?
It has only done less than 4,000 since the last dealer service due to the fact that I bought it from the estate of my dear friend of 60 years who died from Covid at the beginning of the year and due to the probate it was unused for 4 months.
Looking back at the service history it has never done more than 6,000 miles in a year.
Do I need to get it serviced now or would you wait a while until a few more miles had been covered.
Finally, should I stick with the Main Dealer with their exorbitant prices or would you go to an independent . My main worry with an independent is that you don't know if they will use the correct oils or just bung in a cheaper product.
This guide may help with the re-set - 2008-2022 Citroen Berlingo Spanner/Service Light Reset Guide ( .
Nothing will be harmed by ignoring the service symbol, but some service items do suffer from the effects of age - cambelts etc. , so although the mileage is low it is worth getting things up to date service wise.
Also if the vehicle has been used for short journeys there will be more oil contamination than that from double that mileage with motorway use.
Do your homework on independent garages and look for good reviews or a personal recommendation.
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Thanks for that oilyrag. Done it and it worked a treat.
I didn't think it should cause a problem but, reading on here about other problems with the count down on things like eolosys and ad blu preventing starting, I thought it better to check.
The car has only done 29,500 miles so I think the cam belt etc should be OK and 2,000 of the 4,000 miles since the last service was done driving to the south of France and back and most of the rest is 25 miles ish so I would think the oil should be OK for a while.
I'll follow your advice about independent garages and would be grateful for recommendations in the East London/Essex area. Thanks

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