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Of Fuses and Power feeds
Hi All just got a 21 reg Partner and very nice it is too Smile

I needed a proper power feed for Work lights/ Ham /Business radios seen a few treads on here asking about fuses and power so this is what I did ... hopefully it might help someone.
 There are other ways to get power that involve less work , you could pic up a feed from the intenal "aux " fuse box thats behing the main one thats where the Towbar permanent live connects for example.
I fit 2 way radios for the day job, so its not a detailed "How To" just some pics on where you might get power and how to get in the cabin.
Obviously this will void any warrantys do this at your own risk etc etc 
If your not sure please ask someone that knows! getting it wrong could be expensive...

Engine Bay
In the Engine Fuse box there was a spare 80A fuse - perfect for my use.
To get in to the Cabin remove the trim under the windscreen and on the bulkhead there was hole (masked off with tape) I used this with a Grommet fitted to route the new feed inside
Inside the Cabin remove the "glove box and front surround I also removed the side panel
You'll need a sharp pokey thing to punch thou the insulation on the inside - Double check there's nothing that could be damaged where the wire comes thou - check again ..
route the wire to where you need, fused to suit of course !

Passenger side - remove the front trim and "glove box"  you then get at the fuse box's, the main fuse box will move down to allow access to all the fuses + additional fusebox on the rear of it ...
The main FB has a cover over the top that will pull off with you may need to release the latches either side
To Drop the Main FB down ( like on a MK 1 Lingo) their are 2 white tabs gently release those and pull the FB to you and move it down a the same time with a bit of careful wiggling it'll come free and allow access
once that's free you'll see the Aux FB behind.

If you use the 80A fuse you MUST use 6 mm cable or bigger If you use a smaller wire down rate the fuse to suit, like wise you'll need a grommet of other protection as the cable comes through the bulkhead .... get this wrong and Fire will be calling it "Well Alight"  Smile

I hope that helps and makes sense - Sorry its easier to do than write about Wink

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When I have put cables through bulkheads/firewalls I have used cable glands

(09-10-2022, 07:22 AM)Romahomepete Wrote:  When I have put cables through bulkheads/firewalls I have used cable glands


Glands work too but a pain to do when theres just me Smile

Cheers jake

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