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K9 Climate Control Settings
Hi fellow K9-ers.

I've got manual AC on my K9. I find that the vent temperature varies significantly with vehicle speed, I have to turn temp up on sections of open road when cruising along and turn the temp down when driving at lower speeds.

This isn't a major problem to me but I wondered if others had noticed similar, and/or whether people have found a combination of settings that alleviates the problem at all.
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I have an automatic A/C in my K9 but unlike any other car I have or had it performs differently, heavily dependent on whether the recirc is on or not. Should not be.
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I have manual A/C on my K9. What I can say is the faster I go, the colder it seems - maybe it is just the amount of cold air coming out the vents.
I spend a lot of time on European motorways and in the summer when 40 degrees is not so unusual now and once I've built up speed for a while, the temperature I set it at stays at 'low' or 14 degrees and I don't adjust it. The fan stays on the lowest setting and the inside stays plenty cold enough.
If I then go into a town, after a short while I have to turn the fan up to feel the same amount of comfortable cold. Recirculation is off.

In winter, and I easily go to places where it is minus ten or so, the A/C stays off and the faster I go, the hotter it seems - again probably because of the amount of air being pushed through the vents. Slow down and I have to up the temperature and/or up the fan speed.

In intermediate months I can't get it quite right, if the temperature I set is say, 22 degrees for the cabin, with the A/C off, warm/hot air is pumped out - if the A/C is on, cold air comes out the vents. It may well depend on what the outside temperature is, when not too hot or too cold, in comparison to what I want.
Now a 2019 K9 1.2 petrol.
Before a 2010 B9 1.6 HDi diesel.
Mine is just the same, I constantly have to faff around with the temperature controls depending on speed.....
Not a big problem, not even a problem at all really..... Smile
Thanks for replies, I'll test to see whether temp is less sensitive to road speed with re-circ on
2019 Multispace BlueHDi 100 Flair Nimbus Grey Met
I too have noticed this.

I always used to drive with A/c on when the company I worked for paid for fuel but now I run my own van I tried without a/c and think the temperature is more stable as well as saving fuel. Any thoughts?

Only use a/c for demist in morning or if too hot. Noted the a/c switches on automatically if I turn temperature right down.
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