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[Transmission] 1.6 16v Gears stiff when warm.
I have not long bought a M59 1.6 16v (A mint example with only 200,000 miles  Big Grin).
When the car is cold the gear are fine (if a little floppy, but, meh) but when I have been driving a while and the engine is up to temp, the linkage seems to go stiff front to back, its fine side to side.
Is there something specific I need to look for, before I get underneath and just lather everything in grease?

Apologies if there has already been answered, I did have a quick scan but couldn't find anything specific.
When it's shifting easily and engine is cold and not running, shift it back and forth a lot for a minute or two and see if it gets stiff. If it doesn't, drive it and see if it does.

Try spraying the main linkage under the car with WD or light oil, work the shifter back and forth a bunch, spray, work it. Had this problem on 1.6 HDI, was very stiff before, definitely helped, noticed the difference right away, later also sprayed the linkages on the gearbox. It doesn't pop into neutral by itself but it's ok.
Might also be worth changing the gearbox oil. It's fairly straightforward and not expensive.
So I have been underneath today (quite a task getting it high enough to get the ol' belly underneath) and it seems where the shifter attaches to the linkage has a plastic bush, so I stripped it down, cleaned it and greased it. It looks like there should be a heat shield between that and the exhaust but there isn't.

It was better, not perfect but alot better for a while, so I think I am going to make some kind of head shield and cross my toes.

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I don't think the exhaust gets that hot.
(31-10-2022, 04:32 PM)SinsBird Wrote:  I don't think the exhaust gets that hot.

I am not sure where you are getting your information, but the exhaust, especially just as it leaves the engine will be very hot indeed.
Good plan from the OP a heat shield looks like a good idea.

It would probably have to be glowing cherry red to have any effect.
It's not the metal that's issue I don't think, it's the plastic bush, softens with heat and the metal expands and goes stiff. I will mock up a heat shield and see if it cures the issues.

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