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2005 Berlingo Multispace
Just a quick Hi
Own a 2005 Multispace 1.9 D Had it since 2009. It has been a really good car and until a year ago reliable, had a few age related issues recently. Radiator split. Thermostat fan resistor burnt out. Clutch grenaded suddenly no warning. All good again until a few days ago. Now rough running/ smoking on start up for approx 10 seconds then all OK again. Still drives fine after this, no overheating plenty (!) of power. Must admit close to pulling the plug

Plenty of advice on here, I'm sure you'll get it sorted.
My van: 2008 Berlingo 1.6 HDi Enterprise - a bit ratty!
See the other thread with the same title in the M49 section - jj9 suggested looking at the glow plugs and I agree, as about 3 years ago in the winter I had similar symptoms in my 1.9 M49 (white exhaust smoke on start-up, 'lumpy' running for half a mile or so, then all fine) and it turned out to be one or two of the glowplugs (can't remember now how many were faulty). Wasn't an expensive fix.
Work van:     2020 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Enterprise Berlingo
Spare van:    2001 1.9 600d Berlingo
Typically the 1.9d has difficulty in starting when the weather starts to get colder,- first start of the day is ropey but every other start is fine until the cold start of the following day. The difficulty in starting / rough running gets worse as the weather gets increasingly colder.
Other than this the vehicle will run really well with good power.
Cause for this particular symptom is the valve clearances closing up, big job to rectify - timing belt removal, camshaft removal followed by new shims of the appropriate size / rub down the existing ones to required size.
It can be a diy job ( I've done it a few times ) but would be expensive for a garage to do it.
Ideally the job is done when the cambelt is renewed to save on labour.
Search the forum for further info, lots of it on site.

In the interim keep the battery well charged and you'll be able to " live with it " for quite some time.

I'd start simple first :

Air filter
A hefty dose of injector cleaner
Check operation of the cold start device ( haynes manual ) - don't adjust willy nilly !!!
Renew glow plugs

Before going down the road of valve clearances you can lift the covers and measure the valve clearances.
Do this when you remove the glow plugs as the engine will turn over with them out.
Write down on paper the measurements for each valve / cylinder for further reference, you'll need the info if you go deeper.

Hopefully others can offer further advice.
I went through a raft of problems all at once with my sister's old 1.9 after years of brilliant service. Come out the other side and got a great little van / car again. Fitting a new battery seemed to make a big difference to cold starting although old one seemed ok at the time. I had done valve clearances, glow plugs even changed that primer plunger as seemed to be weeping diesel a bit, maybe those things helped but the battery seemed to be the complete end of cold starting problems. Smoking after start does sound like glow plugs to me as well though.
Thank you all. I'll replace glowplugs and see what that brings

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