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Two simple jobs done.. now WON'T START 2.0 hdi
Well after the euphoria of getting the Berlingo back home.. a set back..

Carried out two simple jobs.. removed rocker cover to cure leaking gasket, and removed No1 injector as it was chuffing. Have since put back rocker cover and injector, but it will not start. There was no trouble before, started on the button every time, even when I had problems with the limp mode episode. After the MAF was disconnected it flew home.

When I initially tried the first start it did fire for a couple of seconds, but since.. zilch. Now I do have questions but first I'll explain what I observed. I was under the impression these engines were self bleeding??? but when I gave the bulb a few pumps I could see lots of air bubbles in the clear pipe going to the injection pump and in the other direction to some sort of T junction/sender. Anyway, I've pumped the bulb continuously and although I don't see any more air and I appear to have diesel at the injectors, its making no attempt to fire whatsoever. Is there a bleed at the pump, I can't see one. I can only think that if air entered it could have only been when I removed the injector.

I have to say I'm fighting blind with this engine because I know very little about them. I did mention in my other thread though that when I removed the rocker cover I came across what I later found out to be a cam sensor. There's hardly any adjustment on the spacing of this in the clamp, just a small oval slot.. is this critical???

Of course, as an old school mechanic, who is  used to equating diesel at the injectors with a good battery and compression = combustion... But when you're turning over the engine and you just know its not going to fire.. you start thinking what have I done? Is this something electrical causing this. Have I created fault codes? Of course, as I've just bought the car, have no test gear or manual, so I'm feeling like I'm up the creek without a paddle at the moment.

Have disconnected the battery thinking this will clear codes.. will it?

Any ideas would definitely be most welcome. Many thanks in anticipation..

Is signal coming to the injector?
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The HDi engine ECU will probably need the camshaft & crankshaft sensors working in sync before it will activate the injectors. Removing the battery will not erase fault codes but if the problem was the position sensor it should ignore the codes.
Without fault codes or Diagbox it's really hard to say what the problem is.
A can of easy start will make the engine run for a bit, so long as you're sure you haven't let the valve timing slip, but that's most unlikely if the cam belt has not been disturbed.
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Thank you ever so much for replies. It did in fact turn out to be air in the fuel. I was surprised by the amount considering I only removed one injector on the high pressure side of the pump. Still, alls well that ends well. The rocker cover oil leak is cured as is the injector leak.

By the way, I've cleaned both the MAF and the air cleaner, so if alls well tomorrow I'll give the car a run with the MAF connected and see what she runs like.

Good to know it was just air in the fuel. If it runs ok without the MAF and no warning lights come on, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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Yeah - cleaning MAFs is an internet myth. It does nothing.
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Well.. myth or not Zion I cleaned the MAF, and now when I plug it back in it pulls just like it did when I first disconnected it. Not restricting me to 20mph.. haha.

I did have an injector start blowing, but I've sorted that with a new copper sealing washer.

One of the biggest and most awkward jobs I've sorted so far is the nearside rear sliding door. It wouldn't open, and hadn't done for many years by the look of it. Turned out it was the interlink with the child lock that was causing the problem when I got the panel off. I've neutralised it, and gaffa taped off both child locks.

All in all, I'm pleased with the Berlingo, and as each job gets sorted its getting better and better. Got to get the reversing lights working now, along with the screen washers. I can hear the pump but nowt in the way of water is showing itself, front and rear. Rear screen heater doesn't appear to be working too. At least, the dash switch isn't illuminating.

Going to see if I can sort a few things today.

All the best for now..

When fluid wasn't coming out but I could hear washer pump pressurising I blew air into the fluid line with a tyre pump until I heard bubbling in the fluid reservoir.
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(12-11-2022, 09:44 AM)SinsBird Wrote:  When fluid wasn't coming out but I could hear washer pump pressurising I blew air into the fluid line with a tyre pump until I heard bubbling in the fluid reservoir.

I'll give that a go tomorrow and see what happens. I'm getting nothing front or back so its either blocked or the pump is US. We'll see.

One thing I want to try and remedy is the rear screen heater element. The switch on the dash doesn't light up, and springs back when you try to push it in. I've looked for a related fuse, but can't find anything untoward. That's one thing I must say.. every fuse diagram I've seen online, plus in the Owners Handbook that I have a French copy of, bears no resemblance to what's actually on my 2001 car. Most odd!

As for the nearside rear door.. I spoke to soon. As soon as I engaged the central locking I couldn't get it back open again. I've disconnected the plunger in the door so that I can at least open it. Must admit though, looking at the criss cross of linkages behind that panel has certainly confused me. I studied it for a good half an hour, but zilch..

(12-11-2022, 08:24 AM)Zion Wrote:  Yeah - cleaning MAFs is an internet myth. It does nothing.

I found this as well, I tried acetone and airline. He could help by telling us what he cleaned the MAF with it might work for someone else you never know.
So where does this bit go then ?
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