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Steering wheel options
So I have a 2001 M49 Berlingo and the steering wheel is falling to bits. I want to replace it. M49 parts are made from unobtainium it seems, so I think I might have better luck with an M59.. 

I was wondering if the M59 wheel fits (and if so, what about the airbag?).

Alternatively, does anyone know the spline size/count of the M49 column, so I can perhaps get an aftermarket 'boss kit' and steering wheel (and do an 'airbag delete'). Before anyone freaks out about 'deleting an airbag', I live on a small island with no permanent police, and a top speed of 50km/h.

I would rather a newer wheel WITH airbag, but am willing to settle for an aftermarket wheel without.
Not sure if it's the same part as on the M59? If it is, there are a few options that you can find by a quick search or 2 on here.
Can you post a picture of your steering wheel?
Also, maybe the part numbers will be the same or give some clues:
I have attached the photo of my factory steering wheel, in all of its glory.

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Citroen Xsara? That would be the donor vehicle which the van was based on for an M49, and I expect since the M59 was a facelift (based loosely on the 306 platform) then it "should" be compatible, but I think since that is a much nicer wheel than the big fat M59 one, I'd look for a Xsara one or a 306 and see what's out there.
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